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Healthcare in the US: Part Five

by: Maggie Amjad This is the final post for my Service Learning Capstone project on Healthcare in the US. Throughout the Spring, I have explored Healthcare in the US. This fina installment will… Continue reading

Spring Watercolor

by Angela Yu

The Underrated Shows of Netflix

by Tyler Sobolewski As the slew of long weekends and spring break is behind us, and the promise of weeks on end with no breaks approaches, many are starting to burn out. You… Continue reading

Bway in CLE 2018-2019 Season

by Hannah Schmidt On February 27, inside the Connor Palace Theatre in downtown Cleveland, the seven musicals that will be performed in Cleveland from October 2018 to July 2019 were announced. As Playhouse… Continue reading

Junior Year

by Sydney Deegan It feels like yesterday we were attending our first day of school as freshmen bringing our backpacks into lunch and having absolutely no clue what we were doing. We would… Continue reading

The Post Review (Spoilers)

by Angela Zhu After three months of not getting to see a new movie, I’m glad that The Post was the one to break that streak. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Meryl… Continue reading

That Half-pipe Skier Who Did No Tricks

By Bailey Sparacia Elizabeth Swaney, who is from the US, competed for Hungary in the Olympics for the skiing halfpipe. Since she had heritage from her great grandparents, she was allowed to compete.… Continue reading

Gordon Matta-Clark: Conical Intersect

by Vala Schriefer On a Napkin I am freezing. Paris is brutal today, unwilling to yield to the groans of us foreigners, totally and intentionally unromantic. The city grumbles something sarcastic, maybe a… Continue reading

This is Not a New Idea

by Vala Schriefer I struggle between the obsession of wanting to know everything and wishing I knew nothing. When I can drop myself inside an idea, walk around, understand the space, I feel… Continue reading

Reflecting on Course Selection/Capstone Options as a Rising Senior

By Sophie Weyn As we all familiarize ourselves with second semester of our junior year, it’s time my fellow junior class members and I truly dive into the college process. Since the start… Continue reading