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Spring Break in Toronto

by Allison Fritz       Over spring break, my family and I visited two great cities: Columbus and Toronto. Even though these two cities are not very far from Cleveland, it feels as if not… Continue reading

HB Students Abroad

by Brooklyn Napolitano and Lucia Passarelli A privilege the upper schoolers have is being able to go on trips abroad. They give students the opportunities to immerse themselves in the culture of foreign… Continue reading

Upcoming Jewish Holidays

by Shira Rosenberg While you may have heard about the more common Jewish holidays that we have school off for every year like Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah, there are some smaller holidays… Continue reading

Finals Study Tips

Preparing for finals By: Abby Morgan Finals are 6 weeks away, stress is coming. We have been through this once, and we have some ideas that helped us for midterms. Gather all of… Continue reading

The Upper School’s Unpopular Opinions

by Audrianna Imka An unpopular opinion is an opinion that is not shared by many people, and is often controversial. I gave you all chance, in the form of a Google survey, to… Continue reading

Anglicizing an American

By: Sadie Hertz You never realize how different cultures are until you are immersed in the daily life of a local, and your whole perspective changes. Stepping off the plane at London Heathrow… Continue reading

The Notre Dame Fire

By Elizabeth Fedro The world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral, home to 13 million visitors a year, has remained a prominent religious institute for 856 years. Construction began in 1163 (during the reign of King… Continue reading

Mourning Sun

By Perin Romano As the morning sun rose, tears tempted to stream out of her cerulean eyes; The eyes that once glimmered like The waves when the moon shone upon them. But now,… Continue reading

A-Zs of HB

By Anjali Dhanekula There are so many great parts to the HB community, so I decided to make an A-Z of all the great things that make up our community. Athletics BCA Carnival… Continue reading

The Interconnectedness of Fashion and Sexism

By Nola Killpack As we reflect on Women’s History Month, I’m sure many of us are thinking about how far we’ve come and also how much farther we have to go when it… Continue reading