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Abbey Road: A Fiftieth Anniversary Poem

By Cynthia Okoben You watch your record player lift its arm And place its needle carefully on the groove. You sit back as the scratchy Voice commands you to “Come Together” And it… Continue reading

Australia Exchange- Before and After

By: Jessica Bruening and Katie Greppin Jessica went to Australia two years ago to participate in the Australian Exchange here at HB. Katie is going this summer. Expectation- Katie I expect Ravenswood will… Continue reading

Women in Protest Music

By: Hannah Schmidt At Hathaway Brown, we are very lucky to have an in-depth vocal arts curriculum where women musicians are nurtured and celebrated. If you’ve been to any of the lunch box… Continue reading

he Biggest College Scandal and Everything You Need to Know About It

By: Radhika Dutta As most of you have probably heard the big college scandal that has been happening for about a month now. This scandal has been taking over social media and news… Continue reading

USC Uber Kidnapping

By: Emme Semarjian and Courtney Conrad USA Today reported on March 29, 2019, that USC student Samantha Josephson was killed after mistakenly getting into the wrong car ( . Samantha believed that this car… Continue reading

The Role of Zodiac Signs in Our Lives

by Divya Bhardwaj Most people, especially recently, have at least some basic knowledge of their star sign. First, if you don’t know the star signs, here they are: Aquarius January 20 – February… Continue reading

Spring Break: National Parks

By: Ivy Wang Over spring break, my family drove around Arizona and Utah to visit various national parks. Since a lot of these parks have “iconic” images, I decided to try to replicate… Continue reading

The Best Desserts at Disney World

by Isha Bhardwaj Everyone loves going to Disney World for the fun characters and rides, but there’s a lot of good food to try there too! Here are 5 great desserts available at… Continue reading

The Case for Contemporary Art

By: Grace Zhang My favorite piece of art in the Cleveland Museum of Art is a set of washing machine doors. Not Monet’s paintings or the infamous Thinker statue, just a set of… Continue reading

A Trip to Disney World: Tips for the Happiest Place on Earth

by Hannah Basali     1. Go during the off months This one may seem obvious, but it really makes all the difference in your entire trip. If you want to have the most efficient… Continue reading