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Save the Shock: Dealing With Cultural Differences While Traveling Abroad

by Annie Lewandowski Traveling abroad for an extended amount of time can be a transformative experience. Being away from friends and family allows one to discover new things about themselves and establish a sense… Continue reading

My Summer on Exchange

by Maggie Amjad This past summer I was privileged enough to travel across the world and spend five weeks with an amazing host family in Sydney, Australia. I had always known I wanted… Continue reading

The Adventure: Part 2

by Kshama Girish After starting my campaign at age 13, I went back this past summer to continue my adventure This past year I went through the process of fundraising for the first… Continue reading

The Adventure: Part I

by Kshama Girish Throughout my life, when it came to work or challenges, it was always meant for somebody else.  For the first time I took upon the challenge to do something for myself,… Continue reading

Things To Do in Cleveland

By: Molly Coughlin It can be hard to find things to do and places to go in and around Cleveland, especially during the winter. Here is a list of the most popular and… Continue reading

Things To Do in Cleveland

By: Rachel Lowrie You’re sitting at home on a Friday night, bored out of your mind and cursing your parents for choosing Ohio to be the place you grew up. With seemingly nothing… Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Italy

By Catherine Mullen Alarm clock – If you need time to get ready in the morning it will help a lot. We had some people who liked to run in the morning so… Continue reading

The Realities of a High School Winter Break

By: Lane Chesler When it came to winter break, the Urban Dictionary’s wise definitions of modern phrases accurately represented the stereotypical opinions of Hathaway Brown students as, “A time so joyful and relaxed… Continue reading

Hipster Heaven

By: Val Mischka I went to Portland, Oregon over Thanksgiving break and while I was there I felt like I was in a Twilight movie. Portland is home to hipsters; everyone there wears… Continue reading

HB Teachers Around the World

By: McKenna Ritter From the beaches of the Jersey Shore to the plentiful pasta of Italian countryside, see what your teachers have been up to over the past summer break.    … Continue reading