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Haunted Places in Cleveland

by Alia Baig Just because Halloween is over, it doesn’t mean these 5 places in Cleveland are any less haunted! While Cleveland might not be the first city that comes to mind when… Continue reading

Global Scholars- Australian Exchange

by Amy Howarth A few weeks ago, exchange students from Australia arrived in Cleveland to participate in the HB-Ravenswood exchange. While they are here, you might not have the chance to ask the… Continue reading

Global Scholars: Exchanges

by Amy Howarth You’ve probably heard that HB is hosting foreign exchange students from Spain.  This is pretty cool and you might want to know a few things about them but can’t personally… Continue reading

Belize 2016

by Alanna Brown Belize City, 105 degrees, khaki pants and blue scrub tops: how our stay in Belize began. Even though we were all incredibly hot and tired from our day of travel, we… Continue reading

Photo Essay of the 2016 France Trip

by Molly Gleydura Before even getting accepted to go on this trip, I wrote in my application that if I could chose only one country outside of the US to visit, I would choose… Continue reading

Traveler’s Guide to the Oregon and California Coast

by Nell Bruckner Places to stay: Traveler’s House, Portland OR Glue Gull Inn, Cannon Beach OR Bandon Inn, Bandon OR Seaside Motel, Cayucos CA Tips before you go: If you fly into Portland,… Continue reading

I Went on Spring Break Alone and Learned for Life

by Maggie Amjad This past Spring Break I was given a tropical vacation from my parents. I went to Florida to spend five days alone in the sun. The idea of flying alone did… Continue reading


by Caroline Lettrich Some people really enjoy the hustle and bustle of airports before a vacation, while others consider it the bane of their entire vacation experience. From arriving at the airport to soaking… Continue reading

Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

by Grace Amjad Now that it’s officially March, I think we have all started our count down to spring break. I mean I know I have, and we are extra lucky because we have… Continue reading

Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic

by Claire McKenna The United States of America is one united country that has a territory of about 3.806 million miles. All citizens are under a single government and follow the same laws. Now… Continue reading