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Storytime: A Trip to Savannah

by Chandini Antal Over my spring break, I went to Savannah, Georgia. This trip had memorable moments and even stranger ones. My mom and I were in Savannah for a medical conference. While… Continue reading

The Importance of Traveling Abroad

By Hannah Saltz Traveling to a foreign country can be exciting. Seeing new cultures and exploring new places is a privilege that not many people have. Regardless of where one travels, or why,… Continue reading

New Year’s Eve in Paris

by Ivy Wang December 31st, 2017 5:00pm: I sat the bus station waiting for my mom to come back from shopping. There were two older french ladies that were sitting next to me.… Continue reading

Storytime: A Trip to France

by Chandini Antal You know how there are people out there who have odd stuff just happen to them, or they meet bizarre people and are always found to be in unusual situations?… Continue reading

Un-French Poems

by Vala Schriefer American in Metamorphosis I have yet to see my French breath emerge from my chapped lips on a cold Rennes morning. I have yet to feel the pulse of my… Continue reading


By Vala Schriefer There is a rather fascinating romance flavoring the confusion of arrival. Everything I imagined, all the scenes I set up were right in front of me. The world, however, was… Continue reading

Travel Guide: Tips and Essentials

By Chandini Antal Thanksgiving is coming up, and many of us are traveling to exciting destinations, here are some travel tips and ideas to make the vacations a little more enjoyable. A sleeping… Continue reading

Summer Travels: Europe

By: Angela Yu I had my first chance to travel to Europe this past summer. My family and I first flew out from Detroit to Frankfurt, Germany. From there we flew to Belgrade,… Continue reading


Italy Post Trip Article By Kalie Sommerfeld and Matilda Madfis After a delayed start, we all met at the airport early in the morning and boarded our plane to Philadelphia. Once there, we… Continue reading

Urban Architecture Series: Seattle

by Jennifer Wang Profile Architecture in Seattle is artistically inspired by the nearby mountain ranges and oceans, and throughout the years, has continued to place an emphasis on aesthetic. Background Metro Population –… Continue reading