What is the best diet for an athlete?

By Rori Kostos All athletes, regardless of the sport, need to eat. Not only is food vital for survival, but it also improves memory and concentration, it recovers levels of poor cholesterol, and it lowers the chances of having diabetes, heart diseases, and being overweight. Everyone struggles with what they should eat to be as... Continue Reading →

Dave Portnoy vs Roger Goodell

By: Helen Breen David Portnoy vs Roger Goodell is a tale as old as time. Everyone hates Roger because he is the worst commissioner of the NFL. He messed with the wrong person, by trying to stop Dave Portnoy from seeing the Super Bowl. Dave was dragged out like a ragdoll from the game during... Continue Reading →

2018 Division 1 Soccer College Cup

By: Caroline Pietrick Division 1 soccer is a big deal all over the country. The championships happen every year around the middle of November. Both the men and women's teams compete in this very competitive tournament, earning the title of the best D1 soccer program in the country. The women’s tournament happens first, but both... Continue Reading →


By: Chloe Colligan The term jock is surrounded by countless stereotypes of rich white teenagers playing sports to impress girls, or gain popularity at their school. People assume that jocks do not excel in academics, and are normally very shallow. On the contrary, athletes are usually very successful people both in school and later on... Continue Reading →

Swimming Post-Season Update

By: Emma Borrow For swimming, the post season is coming up, starting this coming friday. Hathaway Brown is in DII for swimming and diving; however, that does not mean any less competition! Some of the teams that the blazers will be competing against in the state tournament are Hawken, Columbus School for Girls, and Cincinnati... Continue Reading →

HB Sports Update

by Kalie Sommerfeld Cross country: The cross country team just finished up a great season. They met their team goal by advancing from the district meet to the regional meet, and they raced well despite the change in temperature. Senior Caroline Millican finished in the top five, advancing to the state meet, which took place... Continue Reading →

World Series for Dummies

by Brett Parsons The Indians made it to the World Series! For those of who don’t actually know or understand what that is, I’m here to fill you in. In baseball there is the American League and the National League. For the playoffs in the National League there was the LA Dodgers, Washington Nationals, the... Continue Reading →

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