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The Tale of the Village Friends and their First Adventure

By Rhea Mahajan The new year began, marking the second year of Shahrazed marrying Shahrayar. She started a new cycle of stories and once again started the first night with a new story.… Continue reading

Beastly to Only Some

By Rhea Mahajan Prologue     18 years ago Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, when chivalry and bravery existed in males and females always seemed to be damsels in distress,… Continue reading

Stone Antiquity – Short Story One

By Emma Gerber It wasn’t until she reached the river that Arden realized that she had, in fact, been going the right way. It was hard to feel as if she wasn’t constantly… Continue reading

Amongst the Wallflowers

By Rhea Mahajan Faelyn Faelyn Wilde couldn’t take her eyes off of Rylan Maddox, who was laughing and walking at the edge of the parking lot with some of the guys on his… Continue reading

Merry Christmas Everybody! A Short Story

by Alison Xin The Head of Marketing announced a pop-up meeting on November 1st. More than half of those who showed up looked absolutely demolished, probably from staying up too late going to… Continue reading


By. Leonela Serrano I’ve just been writing really little short stories, more like vignettes. They’re fictional but they’re inspired by what I’ve been going through and I try to capture really relatable moments.… Continue reading

Tueri: Final Part

by Tejal Pendekanti Time: 3:50 p.m. Date: September 16, 2137 Name: Fera Pertinax Age: 81 “Grandma, Grandma, you have another message!” my grandkids screeched, yanking me off my rocking chair. “Another one?” I… Continue reading

Tueri (Part 2)

by Tejal Pendekanti Time: 10:03 a.m. Date: October 27, 2081 Name: Fera Pertinax Age: 25 The faint hum of an email arriving in my inbox woke me up, a soft and mellow beep… Continue reading

The Deal (short story)

by Jasper Solt The cigarette smoke curled around the man’s grey felt hat and into the harsh light of the bare bulb lighting the room. Through the nicotine haze, only the flickering fires… Continue reading

Tueri: Part One (Short Story)

By: Tejal Pendekanti Time: 3:50 p.m. Date: November 18, 2074 Name: Fera Pertinax Age: 18 “We don’t want to be stalked! We want freedom!” I chanted among my fellow rebels, indignance written all over… Continue reading