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What HB Debater Are You?

By Arianna Anderson Take this quiz to find out which HB debater you are!

Take This Quiz to Find Out Which TV Show You Should Watch Next!

By Magda Ellis and Nadia Malik Find out what tv show you should watch next!  

Which India Trip Leader Are You?

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Quiz: Which Netflix Protagonist Are You?

By Carolyn Holan and Grace McCarthy Have you ever wondered which character from your favorite Netflix shows you are the most similar to? Find out here!

Which History Teacher Are You?

By Alise Adornato and Grace Beedles Do you ever wonder which history teacher you are most like? Well now you can find out!

Which Holiday Sweet Are You?

by Carolyn Holan and Claire McKenna It’s finally the holiday season. Get festive with this quiz and find out which holiday sweet you are!

QUIZ: How Much Do You Love Fall?

by Farah Sayed Leaves, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes- All of these remind us of the wonderful season of fall. However, fall isn’t everybody’s favorite season. Take this quiz to determine how much you… Continue reading

Which Kerestesy Should Be Your BFF

by Audra Kerestesy

Which City Should You Live In?

by Lizzie Crotty

How to Tell if You’re Actually a Goat

by Yardena Carmi Check any that apply: You will chew on anything. You have square pupils. You often scream at the sky. People have told you that you have awful body odor. You… Continue reading