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A Not So Conventional Thanksgiving

by Alex Garrow Our beloved Turkey Day has come and gone, but the memories we made this Thanksgiving will last forever. Many families spend their Thanksgivings cooking meals, watching football, or visiting extended… Continue reading

Movies with Epic Plot Twists

by Chloe Colligan Plot twists in films and literature alike are thrilling, frustrating, and most importantly surprising. Usually, the plot twist is associated with horror films, but (plot twist!) there are a few… Continue reading

HB Sports Update

by Kalie Sommerfeld Cross country: The cross country team just finished up a great season. They met their team goal by advancing from the district meet to the regional meet, and they raced… Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Fall Photo Shoot the Best

by Molly Gleydura The pretty colors, carving pumpkins, apple cider, scarves, flannels… what’s not to love about fall? I love spending days outside, amidst warm orange and blazing red leaves, taking super artsy… Continue reading

New Must-Have Thanksgiving Dishes

by Alexis Chauvette With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, now is the time to strategically plan the menu. Turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy will most likely make an appearance on your dinner table, but if… Continue reading

The Deal (short story)

by Jasper Solt The cigarette smoke curled around the man’s grey felt hat and into the harsh light of the bare bulb lighting the room. Through the nicotine haze, only the flickering fires… Continue reading

World Series for Dummies

by Brett Parsons The Indians made it to the World Series! For those of who don’t actually know or understand what that is, I’m here to fill you in. In baseball there is… Continue reading