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A Not So Conventional Thanksgiving

by Alex Garrow Our beloved Turkey Day has come and gone, but the memories we made this Thanksgiving will last forever. Many families spend their Thanksgivings cooking meals, watching football, or visiting extended… Continue reading

The Train Pulls into the Station, a poem

by Katie Doherty I know that the train has pulled into my destination, but I can’t help but stop to admire her beauty. she stares into the leather bound book opened in her… Continue reading

QUIZ: How Much Do You Love Fall?

by Farah Sayed Leaves, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes- All of these remind us of the wonderful season of fall. However, fall isn’t everybody’s favorite season. Take this quiz to determine how much you… Continue reading

How to Handletter: Part 2

by Brice Bai

A Warning to All HB Students

by Lekha Medarametla and Roxana Moazami The temperature is slowly dropping, the sun is still kind of shining, the moon is back to its normal size, and it’s silent because birds have now flown… Continue reading

Jack O’Lantern Contest

by Yardena Carmi Well, the month of Halloween is officially over. Time to pack away your costumes, throw away the candy wrappers you found in all of your pockets on all of your pants,… Continue reading

HB Election Results

by Gina Egan Back on November 8th many of you voted in the library for you choice of president and senator. At long last all of the votes have been counted! The graphs below… Continue reading

Hip Hop: “Girly” or “Technical”

by Caroline Lettrich I’ve been a dancer all my life. Just a couple weeks ago, as we started our competition dance, my teacher asked if we wanted to do a dance that was… Continue reading

It’s Time to Change the Logo and Name

by Sukhmani Kaur In his Opinion Page, “Cleveland’s Unthinking Racism” Op-Ed Columnist, David Leonhardt emphatically demands that the Chief Wahoo logo utilized by the Cleveland Indians should be banned. He declares the logo… Continue reading

In Response to the Election

by Stephanie Kaiser To my brother, You are to blame. It was your first election, and in your mind you could not decipher who would be the lesser of two evils, so you… Continue reading