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A Fire on a Summer Day

By Evelyn Burdsall The day was warm and sunny outside my bedroom window. It was summer, and even though it was ninety degrees outside, I was still on my bed, under one of… Continue reading

Card Games

by Angela Zhu Egyptian Rat Screw How to play: Everyone gets around an even amount of cards, but keep them face down, don’t look at them! Go around in a circle and when… Continue reading

20 Random Facts to Impress Your Friends

By Lila Williams When the female in a group of clownfish dies, the most dominant male turns into a female to replace her. Giraffes’ tongues are so long they can lick their own… Continue reading

Fall Foods

By: Angela Zhu Anything pumpkin Pumpkin just screams fall. You see them at Halloween decorating the neighbors’ lawns, and their orange hue matches the color of fall leaves. There’s pumpkin pie: Pumpkin cheesecake:… Continue reading

Haunted Places in Cleveland

by Alia Baig Just because Halloween is over, it doesn’t mean these 5 places in Cleveland are any less haunted! While Cleveland might not be the first city that comes to mind when… Continue reading

The Train Pulls into the Station, a poem

by Katie Doherty I know that the train has pulled into my destination, but I can’t help but stop to admire her beauty. she stares into the leather bound book opened in her… Continue reading