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The Race

By Matilda Madfis   Breast cancer affects more than 200,000 people annually, and while we don’t think about it much, we should. 85% of breast cancer occurs in women who have no history… Continue reading

Circuses and Cruelty (And Beyond)

By: Camryn Parsons Definition of a circus: A traveling company of acrobats, trained animals, and clowns that give performances, typically in a large tent, in a series of different places. Definition of a… Continue reading

Staying Healthy Over the Summer

By: Catherine Engles Sometimes, once we leave the school for the summer, we can lose a sense of routine. Without the constant early risings, classes, and athletic practices, we are prone to become… Continue reading


By: Sophie Clark Cleveland has a whole bunch of fun things to do and a lot go unnoticed. From the zoo, to the concerts at blossom, there are many fun activities all around… Continue reading

Dear Sophomores…

Dear Sophomores, (Almost) welcome to the best year of high school, at least in my opinion. Junior year will be hard and tiring. The transition is easy, and the teachers are amazing. You’ll… Continue reading

Freshman Year Recap

By: Amy Howarth From being a brand new freshman, coming from a different middle school, to almost being a sophomore I have realized that freshman year was a whirl wind. There are so… Continue reading

Asking Teachers About Classes They Don’t Teach

By Stephanie Kaiser and Ainsley Bradbury The end of a school year is upon us, and before we know it, it’ll be August again and we’ll be back here. Chances are, you’re signed… Continue reading

Middle School Slime Obsession

By: Alex Garrow The slime sensation is rocking the nation. Instagram is filled to the brim with images and videos of the gooey obsession and anyone with a younger sibling knows what it’s… Continue reading

People Trump Has Fired While Being President

By: Alia Baig Sally Yates: Sally Yates was appointed as United States Deputy Attorney General by President Obama in 2015. She was the first woman to hold the position and the Trump administration had… Continue reading

Overview of Printmaking

By: Farah Sayed  Printmaking includes a variety of processes that transfer an image from an inked surface onto another, typically through a printing press. Etching grew popular in medieval Europe while woodcut printing… Continue reading