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Fun Workouts to Do Around the Hath

By Arianna Anderson and Yardena Carmi Warm up a. One quick write b. Ten jumping jacks Stair runs in the atrium a. 5 sets of i. One foot on each ii. 2 feet… Continue reading

Staying Healthy Over the Summer

By: Catherine Engles Sometimes, once we leave the school for the summer, we can lose a sense of routine. Without the constant early risings, classes, and athletic practices, we are prone to become… Continue reading

Cancer Awareness: May-August

By: Michelle Dong Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world, after heart disease. In the US, one in every two men and one in every three women will develop… Continue reading

How to Stay Positive and Calm in a Busy World

By Cate Engles This time of year can be hectic. It’s post holiday season, and it can be hard to find things to look forward to in the months of February and March.… Continue reading

Hot Yoga

by Maggie Amjad The start of a new semester brings countless amounts of stress and anxiety. Everyone deals with their stress in different ways, but this season I suggest visiting your local yoga… Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Emme Semarjian Cancer, the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. (Webster Dictionary) Any type of cancer can be easily defined by a dictionary,… Continue reading

Fun At-Home Equipment-Free Workouts Online

By: Brice Bai People have so many excuses for not working out—they don’t have the time, they can’t afford the fancy equipment, they don’t have access to a gym, etc. You may think… Continue reading

Tips to Relax

By Alanna Brown Though APs are over, finals are fast approaching. In the midst of studying, homework, and new episodes of The Vampire Diaries, time to relax is scarce. Here are some tips… Continue reading

Vegan Challenge: Week 1,2, and 3

by Kshama Girish When I went on my robotics trip to Chicago I was in a room with my good friends Maggie and AJ. While rooming with them for a mere 3 days… Continue reading

Disease Awareness for the month of March: Vision

by Sukhmani Kaur A new month, March, has arrived and with it has awareness of a number of important diseases that affect our lives on a daily basis. March is important for more than… Continue reading