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Answering Your Questions About Mental Health

By Sejal Sangani and Ryan Brady ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH:   What is mental health?   Mental health has many aspects, but is generally a person’s state, emotions or actions regarding their emotional, social,… Continue reading

Body-Shaming at Hathaway Brown

By Leonela Serrano In my four years at HB, I have been privileged to find myself in a space where girls offer support to other girls in all aspects of life but, I… Continue reading

Reflection on Sexual Health Education Forum

By Grace Beedles  Recently, Ms. Biggar hosted HB alum, Shaina Munoz from Ohio Youth Leadership Council and The Collaborative For Comprehensive School Age Health during X and Lunch on November 1st, 2017 to… Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Totally Join the Martial Arts

by Anya Razmi I’ve been doing karate and kung fu for almost seven years now, and I wish I could convince everyone I know to learn some sort of martial art. So here… Continue reading

Interviewing HB Counselors on Mental Health

Trigger warning: This article focuses on subjects that may be triggering to those who have suffered from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. DISCLAIMER: This is the second of a series of articles… Continue reading

How to Avoid Stress Eating

by Anya Razmi We’ve all been there: it’s the night before a test, you’re stressed beyond belief, and you reach for last night’s pizza or brownies from the fridge instead of your textbook.… Continue reading

Interview on Concussions

By Kate Slesh and Claire Mckenna Concussions can happen at anytime, playing sports, accidents, and many other cases. Interviewing people who have had concussions in the past and finding out their symptoms during… Continue reading

5 Tips to Prepare you for a Long Night of Homework

by Tara Capers We’ve all had those nights during the week when we’ve got so much homework that it seems unreal. To make matters worse with all the activities we are involved in,… Continue reading

Fresh Fall Recipe

By Carolyn Holan Pink Michigan sunset skies pour in through several wide windows. My friend Sofie and I are making a mess of the cramped kitchen in our endeavor to make the perfect… Continue reading

Meet Mrs. Biggar

By: Eleanor Clements Mrs. Biggar is the new Upper School Counselor and Director for the Center of Leadership and Well-Being. She recently relocated from Colorado and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from… Continue reading