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Journals and Diaries in the Upper School

By: Carys Bowen Recently I sent out a survey to the upper school on journals and diaries. Of those who responded, very few said that they had never written in a journal or… Continue reading

In Case You Need Some Friendly Fur Today: Pet Therapy

By: Carys Bowen Recently I interviewed my grandmother, Robin Herrington-Bowen, about her experience in pet therapy. There are two kinds of pet therapy: one is pet assisted therapy, which physical and occupational therapists… Continue reading

Staying healthy over Thanksgiving break

By Julia Schilz, Elizabeth Fedro, Sarinna Vasavada Congrats on making it through the majority of the first semester… we are less than a month away from winter break!!! First and foremost, Thanksgiving break… Continue reading

Tips for Alleviating Test Anxiety

By Audrey Roche Tests are stressful for most people. Who isn’t nervous when you’re being tested on something you learned just a couple days ago? However, according to Healthline, for as many as… Continue reading

Tips On How To Stay Hydrated

By Amy Howarth Staying hydrated seems like such a simple and easy thing to do but more than 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Drinking water does not seem hard but we… Continue reading

11 Apps & Websites to Help You Get Through November

By: Sejal Sangani As we head into the third full month of the school year, I often find myself getting more stressed than I thought was possible. Here’s a list of 11 apps &… Continue reading

Organization: Willpower, Patience, and Active Evaluation

By: Carys Brown An aunt might say, “Starting school? My advice is to stay organized.” “And not just your locker!” adds an uncle. “Every space, physical and digital, should be organized.” Being organized… Continue reading

North Union Farmers Market

By Charlotte Wasserman A few weekends ago, I visited the North Union Farmers Market in Shaker Square to see what it was all about. Right when I arrived, I knew that I needed… Continue reading

Answering Your Questions About Mental Health

By Sejal Sangani and Ryan Brady ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH:   What is mental health?   Mental health has many aspects, but is generally a person’s state, emotions or actions regarding their emotional, social,… Continue reading

Body-Shaming at Hathaway Brown

By Leonela Serrano In my four years at HB, I have been privileged to find myself in a space where girls offer support to other girls in all aspects of life but, I… Continue reading