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A Freshman’s Perspective on the Talent Show

by Isabelle Wyndham As we know, freshman don’t really do the talent show. This year we only had 2 freshmen showing their talents. I’m not sure if we don’t sign up because we… Continue reading

Life as a Debater

by Ying Ying Yang Debater LIVE debate. It is the event that kills my brain cells weekly and heat up the room in the chilly winter. As debate season comes to an end,… Continue reading

Diving Season Recap

by Hannah Ryan The diving season was very successful this year! As one of the many new members of the team, I learned new dives, and eventually got to compete with the other… Continue reading

Quiz: Which English Teacher are You?

By: Alise Adornato and Grace Beedles Take the quiz to find out which HB English teacher you secretly are…  

Swimming Post-Season Update

By: Emma Borrow For swimming, the post season is coming up, starting this coming friday. Hathaway Brown is in DII for swimming and diving; however, that does not mean any less competition! Some… Continue reading

Pop Culture Chat: Mr. Ciuni

By: Annalyse Kitzberger and Kate Aris Pop Culture Chat with Mr. Ciuni  

My Day with Jamaal May

by Camryn Parsons Since I came to HB, the writer’s festival has been one of my favorite times of the year, and each year, it just seems to get better and better. In… Continue reading

The Dogs of HB: third edition

by Hannah Schmidt Welcome back to the Dogs of HB! Here are more 5 adorable puppies to brighten your week!   Maggie, 10th grade: Maizy (1 year old): Mini Goldendoodle What is your… Continue reading

Ideo Day Tradition Returns

by Sophie Weyn Since before Kindergarten, I’ve been at HB. I’ve seen the traditions such as Ideo day play out for years and years. As a kid in the prime, I used to… Continue reading

A Tribute to 2017

by Lexie von Zedlitz With 2017 finally coming to a close, we have only a few weeks left to pull our lives together before midterms, brace ourselves for the familial stress of the… Continue reading