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447 Minutes: A Fake Survival Story

By Carly Wellener The news spread like wildfire; giant crimson flames carrying the whispers of the horror quickly became shouts and screams of terror and pain. Children cried for their mothers, struggling to find… Continue reading

CLUBS: an Acronym

By Caroline Jobson Continuously a source of baked goods, clubs pride themselves in boasting a wide array of treats, eager to attract those who painfully read the entirety of frantic emails. Luckily, clubs have… Continue reading

Where are our Fan Sections?

By Lexi Anderson While Hathaway Brown is famous for its killer sports teams, it is also known for having a small to nonexistent cheering section. HB’s teams often arrive on the field to empty… Continue reading

The Snow Day Process

By Sam Keum Everyone knows that flushing ice cubes down the toilet, wearing your pajamas inside out, sleeping with a spoon under your pillow, using the “Snow Day Calculator”, and dancing around your… Continue reading

Updated: Thefts Against Students Increasing…

By Madeleine Schroedel Over the past two years, the HB community has changed.  Unfortunately, a theft problem has developed and has led to many students losing their valuable belongings.  Kids return from lunch… Continue reading

Think Inked

By Sue Roy “Remarkably fun and crazy but totally worth it.” – Brady Furlich ’15 (co-founder of Inked) While we were all at home relaxing on October’s power outage day, Brady Furlich (’15)… Continue reading

KP & His Prime Students

By Sue Roy SHAKER HEIGHTS- Kevin Purpura, Upper School History teacher at Hathaway Brown and fondly referred to as “KP”, tearfully tells me that he has finally fulfilled his dream of teaching children at… Continue reading

Identity Through Tradition

By Isabel Weil As we sit on the itchy carpet, and primary schoolers tug at our shirts and loose locks of hair, we wonder why we still have to do this. Legacy day… Continue reading

Meet the Author: Ben Downing

By Li Stebner From Harvard University to Columbia to an apartment in New York City and now to Hathaway Brown School, this Halloween, Ben Downing visited HB to talk about his writing experiences. Downing is a… Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Fallon Gallagher