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HB’s Position on Gun Control and My Thoughts on the School’s Stance

by Molly Gleydura HB students are getting ready for the National School Walkout on March 14, but many are still wondering what stance the HB administration is taking. To clear up all of… Continue reading

Swimming and Diving Season Recap

by Cate Engles The 2017-2018 Swimming and Diving season was a true testament that hard work really does pay off. All the two-a-day practices, smacks off the diving board, and the constant lack… Continue reading

The Road to The Dance Concert

By: Emma Gerber In my life, I’ve only experienced a few moments that feel like they come straight from the movies. As if you could film it and edit some dramatic music over… Continue reading

Get To Know the Center Directors

By Harleigh Markowitz We all know and love HB’s Institute for the 21st Century, and the amazing center directors that provide us with endless opportunities. Course selection is here, and with all of… Continue reading

Teacher Reflection on the Talent Show

By Sophie Weyn and Kat Lynch We interviewed Mr. Purpura, Mr. Parsons, and Mr. Ciuni for their insightful thoughts on HB’s talent show this year. We think their responses are worth the read.… Continue reading


by Sydney Deegan   This past summer (June 11th-21st) I went to Iceland. Let me start off by saying that it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I… Continue reading

A Freshman’s Perspective on the Talent Show

by Isabelle Wyndham As we know, freshman don’t really do the talent show. This year we only had 2 freshmen showing their talents. I’m not sure if we don’t sign up because we… Continue reading

Life as a Debater

by Ying Ying Yang Debater LIVE debate. It is the event that kills my brain cells weekly and heat up the room in the chilly winter. As debate season comes to an end,… Continue reading

Diving Season Recap

by Hannah Ryan The diving season was very successful this year! As one of the many new members of the team, I learned new dives, and eventually got to compete with the other… Continue reading

Quiz: Which English Teacher are You?

By: Alise Adornato and Grace Beedles Take the quiz to find out which HB English teacher you secretly are…