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HB ’18: Freshmen Again

By Anna Keresztesy Learning not for school but for life. Best college preparatory school. Skills used beyond the classroom. Writing like a college student. All the things HB feeds us in preparation for… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Interview with My Brothers

By Evelyn Burdsall Over this Thanksgiving Break, I saw my two twin cousins, Drew and John, who are in their senior year in college. Since I am new to HB, I decided to… Continue reading

Q and A with the Aussies

By Claire Adornato These past weeks have been filled with so much fun and enjoyment with the Aussies at HB. Unfortunately, their five weeks in Cleveland are coming to a close, so here… Continue reading

Tips on Being Less Stressed Out During Midterms

By Shruthika Araselvan Midterms are coming up in about two weeks. To feel less stressed out follow the tips below. Start studying early: If you start organizing and reviewing early on, you won’t have… Continue reading

An Ode to the College Board

By Kate Hickey (Disclaimer: this is not an attack at AP teachers or graders. Also, all specific examples were exaggerated and originated from my mind, or in other words, do not pertain to… Continue reading

 Coffee – An addiction?

By Claire Fallon I wake up to my alarm blaring right next to my face at 5:25 on a morbid Wednesday morning. I hit snooze until I am practically late, dragging my exhausted… Continue reading

High School Musical: A Recap

By: Audrianna Imka Disney’s High School Musical. Watching it is a rite of passage for any millennial. It was the rage of the 2000s, and now it’s made its way onto the stage… Continue reading

A Fire on a Summer Day

By Evelyn Burdsall The day was warm and sunny outside my bedroom window. It was summer, and even though it was ninety degrees outside, I was still on my bed, under one of… Continue reading

The Most Common Birthday in the Upper School

By Tess Hays Birthdays are kind of a big deal. Presents, cake, and all sorts of celebrations mark them as special days. But have you ever wondered what the most common birthday is?… Continue reading

Creating a HathCaff Secret Menu

By Violet Webster Coffee, pastries, and tea: the few things we can trust to get us through first period are on sale at the HathCaff when your extra 15 minutes of sleep rules… Continue reading