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Fun Workouts to Do Around the Hath

By Arianna Anderson and Yardena Carmi Warm up a. One quick write b. Ten jumping jacks Stair runs in the atrium a. 5 sets of i. One foot on each ii. 2 feet… Continue reading

Dear Sophomores…

Dear Sophomores, (Almost) welcome to the best year of high school, at least in my opinion. Junior year will be hard and tiring. The transition is easy, and the teachers are amazing. You’ll… Continue reading

Freshman Year Recap

By: Amy Howarth From being a brand new freshman, coming from a different middle school, to almost being a sophomore I have realized that freshman year was a whirl wind. There are so… Continue reading

Asking Teachers About Classes They Don’t Teach

By Stephanie Kaiser and Ainsley Bradbury The end of a school year is upon us, and before we know it, it’ll be August again and we’ll be back here. Chances are, you’re signed… Continue reading

Series of Interviews with The Dynamic Leaders of Hathaway Brown

By: Grace Beedles As the year is finally coming to an end, students have started to look towards next year and the changes being made. Although HB is amazing just the way it… Continue reading

Preseason Athletics

By: Jordan Stacy So… you have decided to play a fall sport. Now what? You have heard about the horror of preseason and are wondering if it is true. Hours of practice in… Continue reading

Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Advice for Incoming Freshmen by Ella Kazazic Even after just one year as a freshman at Hathaway Brown, I find that I have changed a lot. Now I am able to get through… Continue reading


Italy Post Trip Article By Kalie Sommerfeld and Matilda Madfis After a delayed start, we all met at the airport early in the morning and boarded our plane to Philadelphia. Once there, we… Continue reading

Vitae Term

by Michelle Dong What exactly is a “Vitae term”? It’s a mini-course model that will explore topics and projects beyond the set courses of the regular curriculum, combining ideas and expertise from more… Continue reading

Show the Love Recap

by Alexis Chauvette This past ‘Show the Love’ allowed each grade to express their appreciation for one another. It served as a great reminder of what the HB community is all about, and… Continue reading