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Staying Healthy Over the Summer

By: Catherine Engles Sometimes, once we leave the school for the summer, we can lose a sense of routine. Without the constant early risings, classes, and athletic practices, we are prone to become… Continue reading

What’s Trending?

By Valerie Mischka The new school year comes with new trends in fashion, music, movies, technology, and more! Hopefully you will gain some inspiration on how to be “à la mode” this fall! Fashion:… Continue reading

Freshman Survival Guide

By Alex Garrow and Ella Kazazic This year HB welcomed around thirty new students into the the class of 2020. Adjusting to a new high school can be hard, especially when it has… Continue reading

Advice to Incoming Freshman

by Amaia Calhoun, Claire McKenna and Carolyn Holan Beginning freshman year can be nerve wracking, the high school seeming like a completely different world. Having almost finished freshman year, we looked to compile… Continue reading

Five Websites that Help You Focus

by Ying Ying Yang It is that time of the year again! It is second semester, you are in the middle of a chilly winter, and the holiday season is over. You might… Continue reading

Tips for the AMC 10

by Angela Zhu It’s that time of year again when February rolls around the corner with Winter Weekend and those deceptive colorful Valentine candies that really should not exist…oh yeah, and the annual… Continue reading

Examination Termination

by Gigi Protasiewicz and Sukhmani Kaur As the 2014-2015 school year winds down, Hathaway Brown students are counting down the days in their planner, their brain, and in their sleep. Hold on before you… Continue reading

Book Recommendations

by Maya Razmi You probably are studying a lot for finals, but if you need a break, pick up any of these books for a great escape! Also, these are great books to read… Continue reading

HB Girl’s Guide: New Year’s Resolutions

By: Lina Ghosh and Regan Brady Have you already broken your New Year’s Resolution? Never fear; it’s not too late to start over! Enjoy those last few days of candy eating and Netflix… Continue reading

HB Girl’s Guide: Five Day Weeks

By: Regan Brady and Lina Ghosh Its been two whole days of school…I think we need a break. Come on, does September actually have no religious holidays? No national holidays? NO THANKSGIVING BREAK?!?!?!?… Continue reading