Post-Pandemic Etiquette

By: Grace Gilson Out with the Old:  At the beginning of the pandemic, news from Dr. Fauci himself said that the coronavirus would be the end of the handshake was shocking. At that time, I was more concerned about this than anything else involving Covid-19. This custom had existed for centuries! How were we going... Continue Reading →

Looking through a new perspective

By: Simr Deo Throughout these past seven slowly passing months I have been able to spend a lot of time with myself. When I felt sad about our current situation and attempted to commence my millionth tangent regarding my struggles to my family, my mom would always rebut with “everyone’s going through it.” Hearing these... Continue Reading →

on sleep and other general words of “wisdom”

By Shruthi Ravichandran If these pictures are familiar to you, this article is for you. this continues until 7:30 am when the screenshots were taken 😦 Disclaimer: This article includes large amounts of caps lock, bolding, over-exaggeration, bad drawings, references to nonexistent mathematical formulas, and a semi-famous German man. Reader caution advised. There’s this unwritten... Continue Reading →

This is a Time to Slow Down

by: Claire Adornato In wake of the virus and self-isolation, there has been an enormous amount of trends and hobbies that have arised. Some people have undertook a 30 day workout challenge, and others are determined to master their tie-dying technique. But what if you're someone who hasn’t done any of this? You haven’t developed... Continue Reading →

My New Normal

By Violet Webster Two months ago, most of my school days consisted of the same routine. Wake up at 6:30, drink coffee, make the forty-five-minute drive from my house in Chardon to Shaker Heights where I would start my day working at Prime Before School Club. I would then run from the Prime music room... Continue Reading →

Staying Busy During Quarantine!!

by Abby Morgan I hope everyone is healthy and doing well during this quarantine!! I know it is hard to find ways to NOT be bored, so here are a few ideas that can help make your time more fun! Go on runs/walks, take advantage of the great weather! We have had some beautiful days... Continue Reading →

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