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Dress Code and Body Image

By Leonela Serrano At HB, we are privileged to have a relatively lax dress code. We can wear what we want (for the most part). We don’t have the same worries as some… Continue reading

Get To Know the Center Directors

By Harleigh Markowitz We all know and love HB’s Institute for the 21st Century, and the amazing center directors that provide us with endless opportunities. Course selection is here, and with all of… Continue reading

The Importance of Traveling Abroad

By Hannah Saltz Traveling to a foreign country can be exciting. Seeing new cultures and exploring new places is a privilege that not many people have. Regardless of where one travels, or why,… Continue reading

A Guide to Watching the 2018 Winter Olympics

by Angela Yu The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea will bring together some of the world’s greatest athletes, competing in sports such as skiing, figure skating, and curling. Thinking about how… Continue reading

What the Upper School Wants You to Know About Mental Illness

by Sejal Sangani and Ryan Brady Trigger warning: This article focuses on subjects that may be triggering to those who have suffered from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. First of all, we… Continue reading

3 Healthy and Easy After School Snack Recipes

by Claire Adornato When, we come home from school were always tired and hungry—hangry. We just had a super long school day, and just want some quality tasty snacks that won’t take forever… Continue reading

Chain Migration

by Aambar Agarawl “We’re gonna end both of them. The lottery system and chain migration. We’re gonna end them. Fast,” vowed Donald Trump at a news conference on December 12, 2017. This was… Continue reading

The Time’s Up Movement

by Jessica Bruening On January 7, the 75th annual Golden Globe awards were held. Instead of the usual array of colors seen on the red carpet, just about all the stars showed up… Continue reading