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2016 Movie Awards

by Sophie Clark Its officially the best season for the movies, and with new movies comes awards and multiple trips to the theater. So far, the Golden Globes showed that La La Land… Continue reading

Things to do Alone on Valentine’s Day

by Val Mischka Valentines Day, it’s either the most romantic or the loneliest day for you. If you’re going to be alone this year, here are some things you can do to make… Continue reading

The CLE Guide to Winter Fun

by Lizzie Crotty and Emily Coffey Since winter is upon us and tis the season to embrace the outdoors, here are some thoughts from teachers around the hath about winter and some activities… Continue reading

The Origins of Groundhog Day

by Kristina Mullen February 2nd always rolls around with an unassuming air. It feels like just another gray, chilly day in Cleveland. At some point or another, however, you realize that it’s Groundhog… Continue reading