Where to Ski Near Cleveland

By Morgan Monesmith Cleveland is certainly not known for its large mountains and ski resorts. However, there are a few options in the area and a short drive away that are perfect for a weekend getaway.  Boston Mills This ski resort is perfect for intermediates who are looking to challenge themselves. Boston Mills has a... Continue Reading →

Three Cute Halloween Recipes

By: Lilly Mehok Ghost Halloween Cookies  Ingredients 1 package Milano Chocolate Filled Cookies6 oz white chocolate chips melted45 mini chocolate chips   Instructions Melt the white chocolateDip a Milano cookie into the melted white chocolatePlace on a silicone baking sheet or parchment paperPlace 3 mini chocolate chips onto the ghostTwo next to each other for the... Continue Reading →

Fun Fall Activities

by: Grace Mansour In Cleveland, the leaves are changing and fall is starting. That means that the apple picking and pumpkin carving has begun. I am here to give everyone wondering about some fun fall activities to do. My personal favorite is to take a trip to Patterson Fruit Farm. You can go apple picking,... Continue Reading →

Trick or Treating during the Pandemic

by: Claire Mehok Now that it is fall, Halloween is on its way. However, as October 31st approaches traditional Halloween activities are starting to be re-imaged or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recommends that all Americans stay at home this Halloween and choose not to participate in... Continue Reading →

Corona’s Effects on Sport Seasons

by Lucy Castellanos Throughout the past couple months, the athletic world has been forced to adapt to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. The burning question in everyone’s mind was, “Should athletes be able to play in the midst of a global pandemic?” On one hand, sports like tennis, golf, and swimming require no contact among... Continue Reading →

Why every family should watch Coraline

Colette Urban The 2009 film Coraline, written and directed by Henry Selick, is a remarkable film that has impacted families around the United States. Whether you grew up watching it, you’ve only recently discovered it, or maybe you’ve never watched it before, the themes (i.e. home, courage, and being happy with what you have) in... Continue Reading →

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