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My Mom’s Shoes  

By: Sue Roy There are almost like Keds, Size 8.5, Just like my sister and I, Practical, sneaker-like, flat. My mom is like that, Practical and always thinking, Always moving, always loving. Her… Continue reading

Giving Thanks Around the World

By: Caroline Jobson Whether your family chooses to celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense or opts for a less conventional method, one truth is evident: regardless of the culture or custom, we show… Continue reading

The Man in the Maroon Jacket

By; Sunny Roy Boom! I squinted my eyes, half closing them, not wanting to look but looking anyways as our car slammed into the rear of the car in front of us. All… Continue reading

Check Your Privilege: The Truth Behind the Posters

By: Kacey Gill Looking around the hallways a few Wednesdays ago, signs reading “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE” plastered the walls. Check. Your. Privilege. These red and black signs hung on every door and every… Continue reading

TOP 10 Photos From Falling into Fall Photo Contest

Thank you to all who submitted to the photo contest! We had over 110 ENTRIES!!  Presenting the top 10 photos! Congrats! 1st Place; Alley Keresztesy (11th Grade) 2nd Place; Lauren Kahn (12th Grade)… Continue reading

Today’s White Guilt

By Kacey Gill Race. It’s the untouchable topic that every white American dreads bringing up. With that one word comes years upon years of abuse, cruelty, and suffering. Pictures of a man on… Continue reading

Featured Club: Young Politicians

By Anna Lietman and Evie Schumann On Tuesday, we had the privilege of interviewing Izzy Catanzaro (grade 11), one of the leaders of Young Politicians. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to speak… Continue reading

The Fault in Our Stars: My Search for Augustus Waters

By Li Stebner Monday night rolls around, and usually I would either be at a class of some sort or another, running errands that we were too busy to do on the weekend,… Continue reading


Hi Everyone! Here are the details for the photo contest and as a little sneak peek of what’s to come, we have some amazing photos taken by Amanda Zeilinger ’15! Send us anything from… Continue reading

Featured Fiction: B. Furlich

You Wish (inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s Howl) By: Brady Furlich Time wasted, soap spilled, nude not naked we try to be sophisticated, tumbling down barrels of blue monkey chirps never read, we who… Continue reading