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The HB Holiday Tree

by Ellie Roberto In the few days before the sweet release of winter break, the holiday tree is assembled and decorated in the atrium. For those of you who don’t know, the holiday… Continue reading

A Guide to Gratitude

by Emma Borrow The holiday season is often recognized as a season of giving. I like to think of it as the portion of the year where we not only give gifts to… Continue reading

The Truth About the Polls: Statistical Error?

by Michelle Dong When the results of the election came in, I was utterly confused. Some, like me, were stalking the polls since several weeksprior. The question was, how on Earth did Trump… Continue reading

Apple vs. Android

by Ella Kazazic “Be together, not the same.” This is the slogan for Android, and I have the feeling that this statement suits their phones very well. The iPhone vs. Android debate has… Continue reading

Winter Break Movie Suggestions

by Audra Keresztesy, Brett Parsons, and Molly Gleydura In light of recent political events, some members of our community may be either celebrating or struggling at this time. Maybe you’re just bored or looking… Continue reading

Tea Please?

by Jasper Solt Now that winter is here, there couldn’t be a better time for drinking tea. Winter days aren’t quite the same without a cup of tea, a warm blanket, and a… Continue reading

Underrated Starbucks Drinks

by Leonela Serrano As a self-proclaimed Starbucks addict, I know that I always get stuck ordering the same drinks all the time. I’m not upset by that fact but I also realize that… Continue reading

HB Mascots

by Alison Xin

‘Twas the Night Before Midterms

by Amanda Young ‘Twas the night before midterms, when students do last minute review. The anxiety settling in and everyone is feeling blue. Highlights, post-its, and colorful pens lie askew, Along with binders,… Continue reading