Kawaii – The Culture of Cute

by Francesca Burke Learning about new cultures has always been fascinating to me. It offers an opportunity to immerse yourself into a life that you are unfamiliar with and helps to improve your outlook on other countries and ethnicities. All cultures are interesting in their own ways but, a little over a year ago, I... Continue Reading →

Elon Musk’s Tax Returns, Part 1

by Your friendly neighborhood tortoise™ This is Elon Musk: Elon, recently named “the world’s richest person,” and man genuinely enthused about having just discovered opposable thumbs, is in possession of a net worth of $185 billion and a loyal cult (hey! this is a no-judgement space) whose members include Steve, your white-boy-who-tried-to-mansplain-bitcoin-to-you-but-secretly-has-a-bit-of-an-inferiority-complex™ neighbor. I also... Continue Reading →

Pet Adoption Spike During Covid

By Grace Gilson Did you or someone you know adopt a new pet during quarantine? Many pet rescues and breeders actually struggled to keep up with the demand for pets during the stay-at-home orders! One shelter owner, according to the Washington Post, mentioned that they thought the adoption spike would fizzle as people felt the... Continue Reading →

Disney’s New Releases

By Francesca Burke Disney is the epicenter of joy and happiness for myself and many others across the globe. Once covid hit early last year, it became even more important to incorporate small elements of magic into my life as a way to help me pass the time during quarantine. Since the shutdown, Disney has... Continue Reading →

Folklore (A Review)

By: Isla Rollinson Taylor Swift took the world by surprise after announcing her new album Folklore on the morning of July 24, only twelve hours before releasing it at midnight. Taylor Swift fans all over the world obsessed over the indie, fairytale vibe of the singer's eighth studio album.  Swift finished the album alongside two... Continue Reading →

Trick or Treating during the Pandemic

by: Claire Mehok Now that it is fall, Halloween is on its way. However, as October 31st approaches traditional Halloween activities are starting to be re-imaged or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recommends that all Americans stay at home this Halloween and choose not to participate in... Continue Reading →

TikTok Food: Tangulu

By: Jazmine Halawa and Elizabeth Troyer Tangulu is a sweet and crunchy Chinese street food made with strawberries and sugar. Popular in northern China, the hard crunchy sugar shell around the strawberry sets it apart from other soft-shelled sugar treats.  Recipe: Credit: @audreysaurus 15 Strawberries15 Skewers2 cups of Sugar 1 cup of waterCandy thermometerPot or panParchment... Continue Reading →

Handy Hobbies During Quarantine

by Alexa Christopherson Beginning April 2020, coronavirus engulfed a huge part of our daily lives and left us spending most of our time at home. Boredom was undeniable, but new hobbies such as walking, cooking, movie binging, and baking have now become a daily activity in most of our lives. Here are some of my... Continue Reading →

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