Ranking Timothée Chalamet Movies

By: Julia Kubic 10. A Rainy Day in New York This movie was very, very bad. If I didn’t have to finish it to write this article, believe me, I wouldn’t. It’s confusing, boring, and there is a lack of a real plot. Timothée’s acting is good, but nothing special, and his character is very... Continue Reading →

The Facebook Crash

By: Julia Zhu October 4th, 2021, Facebook crashed for hours taking down Whatsapp, Instagram and the rest of its apps. That Monday it was down for about 6 hours. Facebook said the reason this mess shut down happened was due to its internet infrastructure that controls the connection throughout its data centers. During this time... Continue Reading →

Kawaii – The Culture of Cute

by Francesca Burke Learning about new cultures has always been fascinating to me. It offers an opportunity to immerse yourself into a life that you are unfamiliar with and helps to improve your outlook on other countries and ethnicities. All cultures are interesting in their own ways but, a little over a year ago, I... Continue Reading →

Ted Cruz and Cancun

By Nyneishia Gupta A couple weeks ago the U.S. was hit with a major snowstorm. Temperatures hit an all time low in many parts of the country, including Texas. Texas is a state known for its heat much like Florida and rarely if ever gets snow. During the snow storm however, Texas was hit with... Continue Reading →

Misogyny in Modern Media

By Vivienne Forstner **Before starting this article, I’d like to clarify that this is an opinion piece. All statements made are my own observations and are in no way 100% factual. When you think of the word “misogyny” and what it entails, you generally think of sexism in its most blunt form. Harassment, unfair opportunities... Continue Reading →

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