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The Realities of a Life in Cuba

by Raea Palmieri This past winter break I had the privilege to travel to Havana, Cuba. While I was getting ready for the trip, I was looking at pictures various celebrities posted from… Continue reading

The Bachelor: A Review

by Claire Zajaczkowski The highly anticipated “Fantasy Suite” dates are quickly creeping up on this season of The Bachelor, so I find it an appropriate time to recap some of the drama that… Continue reading

Unknown Holidays

by Roxana Moazami With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and now Valentine’s Day over, some might believe that there is nothing left to look forward to. I mean, besides St. Patrick’s Day, what… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Romantic Comedies

by Alex Garrow   Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a date or not, romantic comedies are a great way to get in the spirit of the holiday. Below are some of my… Continue reading

New Spots to Work Out in Cleveland

by Christine Coyne According to Cleveland Scene magazine, the occupancy rate for residential buildings in downtown Cleveland is nearing almost 98 percent. With an increase in demand for more apartment and condominium complexes,… Continue reading

Gilmore Girls Reunion Review

by Alex Garrow and Chloe Colligan BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD     After six seasons of a heartwarming, hilarious, quick-paced show about a unique mother-daughter relationship, Netflix returned with a four episode reunion. The… Continue reading

Award Season

By Grace Beedles The always entertaining awards season has just begun. The Golden Globes occurred early this month, BAFTA just announced nominations and the Academy Awards early voting just closed. Everyone is looking… Continue reading

Pizza for the People

by Camryn Parsons Winter break ending sucks (well, at least for me) and I’m thinking most other people too. However, something that made that sad last day a little more bearable was Citizen… Continue reading

MLK Day Events in Cleveland

by Michelle Dong Today is Martin Luther King Day, and we HB students have a well-deserved day off. However, instead of staying home, take a look at these events happening around Cleveland. Go with… Continue reading

It’s Time to Change the Logo and Name

by Sukhmani Kaur In his Opinion Page, “Cleveland’s Unthinking Racism” Op-Ed Columnist, David Leonhardt emphatically demands that the Chief Wahoo logo utilized by the Cleveland Indians should be banned. He declares the logo… Continue reading