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The Importance of Starting The Sports Season Early

By Susie Glickman This year HB lacrosse has begun everyday practices. It seems extremely early knowing that it is still fall and lacrosse is a spring sport. However, this positively affects our team.… Continue reading

The Jazz Age Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art

by Matilda Madfis Over the weekend whilst on an unassuming trip to the art museum, I stumbled upon something far more captivating. Iridescent dresses adorned in sumptuous jewelry spilled out of the doors… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Overnight Breakfast Recipes

By. Harleigh Markowitz Mornings are chaotic for all students, particularly HB students with our insane schedules and hours and hours of homework each night. According to the Huffington Post, approximately 31 million Americans skip… Continue reading

Apple Chips Recipe

By: Hannah Ryan Ingredients   Apples   Cinnamon Recipe  Preheat oven to 225˚    Cut your desired number of apples in half.    Use a kitchen mandolin to slice the apples thin. Use the hand… Continue reading

Stranger Things: Conspiracies Surrounding Season 2

By: Sydney Deegan The Netflix series “Stranger Things” has been a fan favorite from the time it came out in July of 2016. The show uses both mystery and curiosity to keep everyone hooked.… Continue reading

Maple Sugar Cookie Recipe

By: Hannah Ryan Ingredients ·      1 cup butter      1 cup sugar      3 cups flour      2 tablespoons of baking powder      1 cup of maple syrup      2 eggs Recipe 1. Preheat your oven to 375°… Continue reading

Fall Foods

By: Angela Zhu Anything pumpkin Pumpkin just screams fall. You see them at Halloween decorating the neighbors’ lawns, and their orange hue matches the color of fall leaves. There’s pumpkin pie: Pumpkin cheesecake:… Continue reading

Interesting Words in Other Languages

By Alise Adornato HB is fortunate to be comprised of students with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Many students speak a different language(s) at home, and some words or phrases do not directly… Continue reading

The Realities of a Life in Cuba

by Raea Palmieri This past winter break I had the privilege to travel to Havana, Cuba. While I was getting ready for the trip, I was looking at pictures various celebrities posted from… Continue reading

The Bachelor: A Review

by Claire Zajaczkowski The highly anticipated “Fantasy Suite” dates are quickly creeping up on this season of The Bachelor, so I find it an appropriate time to recap some of the drama that… Continue reading