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The Bus

by Liv Boyer Today, for the first time, I looked out the bus window. Of course I’ve looked out this window before, but not like this. Today I looked out and saw everything.… Continue reading

Here, there aren’t birds: Poetry Inspired by Poetry

By: Maddie Grooff   Here, there aren’t birds, Here where the trees are covered with ash, Here where the grass is dead, Where the color has been drained by the blazing inferno sweeping… Continue reading

Stone Antiquity – Short Story One

By Emma Gerber It wasn’t until she reached the river that Arden realized that she had, in fact, been going the right way. It was hard to feel as if she wasn’t constantly… Continue reading

Amongst the Wallflowers

By Rhea Mahajan Faelyn Faelyn Wilde couldn’t take her eyes off of Rylan Maddox, who was laughing and walking at the edge of the parking lot with some of the guys on his… Continue reading

It Will Matter What You Learn

By: Anjali Dhanekula I scroll through my feed and I see #niawilson and kids locked in cages And I think how can this happen in this country This place I call home, this… Continue reading

My Road to Becoming a “Real Runner”

By: Audrianna Imka Many of my peers wonder how it is possible for someone to love running. They often mention things about how physically difficult it is, to which I genuinely have no… Continue reading


By: Emma Gerber Sonder And suddenly I saw the stars through my ceiling The streetlamps on my street I saw the cars whirling by The ocean and the forest The universe in my… Continue reading

Pink Shoes

by Sydney Deegan There is a pair of shoes, pink shoes. They are a size 7 in kids. I found them while walking past the prime student section of the school. This particular… Continue reading


by Angela Yu      “You can’t change what has happened,” my mother said, with a soft voice that was soothing like a lullaby. Even with her words that were meant to comfort me, I… Continue reading