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5 Ways to Give Back to your Community Before the End of 2018

by Caroline Cannon With the season of giving thanks, celebrating family, and sharing gifts quickly approaching, it is important to think of those less fortunate, especially in your own neighborhood. Here are 5… Continue reading

The Importance of Literacy

by Ryan Brady 20% of the world’s population is illiterate. Imagine if 20 people in your grade couldn’t read. The World Literacy Foundation was founded in 2003 to promote literacy and education by… Continue reading

The Introvert Experience

by Sophie Carey in·tro·vert /ˈintrəˌvərt/ noun 1. a shy, reticent person.   When you think of the word introvert, what comes to mind? Someone who stays inside all day, someone who prefers to be… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Break Review

By: Caroline Pietrick This year at Thanksgiving, I was able to spend meaningful time with my family and friends without the stress of homework hanging over my head. This is one of the… Continue reading

Our Top 5 Favorite Movies

By Claire Adornato and Audrey Wallner   1. The Great Gatsby   Genre: Drama Nick Carraway arrives in New York to find the American dream. He moves into the house next to a… Continue reading

The Brain of a Political Pundit

By Jessica Chang

3 Super Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

By Jazmine Halawa Halloween might have passed, but it’s never too early to think about next year, especially the costume. Now, you might say it’s too soon to think about what you want… Continue reading

My Favorite Webtoons

By: Linda Yu Always Human Always Human is one of the best love stories I’ve read. It’s set in the 22nd century, and technology has developed so much that people can use “mods”… Continue reading

Good Shows to Watch on Netflix

By: Abby Coffey Have you ever been bored or want simply procrastinate doing homework, this is the article for you. In this article, I’m going to give suggestions for 5 shows found on… Continue reading

Protein Bar Review

By: Harleigh Markowitz & Sarinna Vasavada We all have those long schools day where we find ourselves losing steam by 10 AM. Here is a list of our favorite protein bars and our favorite… Continue reading