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By Aarathi Sahadevan Even if you are one of the many HB girls who took 1000 or more AP tests in the last two weeks, or are eagerly anticipating your last hair-raising finals,… Continue reading

Snow Days: Thinking About Why We’re Here

By Li Stebner “Do you think we’ll have school tomorrow?” I asked the routine question to my mom as we drove home. She reiterated a hollow “I don’t know.” I refreshed my Fox… Continue reading

The Perfect HB Girl

By Jamie Spain We have all been there: tumbling up the staircase against the 7:59 tide, rushing because being late means yet another lunch detention and you are already wearing leggings. You finally… Continue reading

Pros and Cons of the HBubble

By Lizzi Powers Whether you have walked the halls of HB since infancy, or joined HB as a new freshman, there is no arguing that learning in an all-girls environment will effect (if… Continue reading