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Tech Tips

By: Addie Klimek and Crystal Zhao It is 2015 and sleek, speedy technology has been integrated into every part of our lives. We wake up to the strident pings of smartphone alarms, learn… Continue reading

To Photoshop, or Not to Photoshop?…

By: Morgan Whaley There is an Instagram account that is causing some talk. The account wephotoshopwhat, a parody on the fashion blogger account weworewhat, calls out famous Instagram users for photoshopping. For some,… Continue reading

Je Suis Charlie

By: Lizzie Poulos As many of those reading this article know, on January 7th at 11:30 in the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, two gunman affiliated with Al-Qaeda’s Yemeni branch opened fire,… Continue reading

My Friend Jamaal

By: Cartier Pitts Many Freshmen may remember seeing this twenty-something, tall, black man walking the halls of Hathaway Brown this past fall during the Young Writers and Artists Festival. I am certain that… Continue reading

To Those of Us Who Like “Hipster Things”:

By: Madeline Shade When I was really young, probably around age four or five, I had a Polaroid camera. I used to love taking pictures with the thing until, eventually, one day I… Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo: A Magazine Taking the World by Fire

By: Maya Razmi Freedom of speech is a right that we, as American citizens, frequently exercise and, even more frequently, take for granted. As American citizens, we have the right to say what… Continue reading

Outrage Over One Direction

By: Maaryah Malik Article that this is primarily based on is located here. (You don’t have to read it, but the piece will make more sense if you do.) Terrorist jokes.  Not funny.… Continue reading

Popping the HB Bubble

By Cartier Pitts We all have our various reasons for occasionally disliking school. It may be the overbearing amount of homework for most kids. Or it could possibly be the “strict” dress code… Continue reading

How You Found Solace

By: Kat Holleran “There is too much – too much stress, too much craziness. How am I supposed to emerge out of a world that is so hectic and live in peacefulness and… Continue reading

A Nut-Ban is NUTS!

By: Megan Dorogi and Rachel Lowrie It is one thing to take a food that is a major allergen away from children, such as middle schoolers and primary students. It makes sense to take… Continue reading