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Two Essays on Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” Law

by McKenna Ritter and Cartier Pitts Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” Law by McKenna Ritter Indiana’s Governor, Republican Mike Pence, was working to “clarify” the religious freedom law passed in the state. Many assumed that… Continue reading

Hospice Reflections

by Gracie Mowery Journal Entry 1 Before I even begin this journal, I feel the need to start off by outlining how I’m going to approach it. To me, this is going to… Continue reading

Reasonable Doubt: Tidal and the Ever-Changing Music Industry

By Morgan Whaley With the scroll of twitter, my life changed. I see a hashtag called #tidalforall and so, curious, I’m wondering what is Tidal. So of course, being in the 21st century… Continue reading

Naviance: Friend or Foe

By: Lizzie Crotty If you are a Junior or Senior you probably know all about Naviance. If you are a Freshman or Sophomore you may have absolutely no idea. For those of you… Continue reading

Dealing With Stress

By Lizzie Poulos As an HB senior, I have had to learn pretty quickly how to deal with stress. I have been through numerous AP classes, the college process, balancing extracurricular activities and… Continue reading

The Lost Art of Podcasting

By Crystal Zhao Podcasts are the Swiss Army Knives of digital mediums. They can be entertaining, informative, persuasive, or all three at once. Though audio media is largely unknown to millennials, it has… Continue reading

The Female Body

By: McKenna Ritter I set out to write an article discussing reactions to this painting by Gracie Mowery: context, emotions, appropriateness at HB, body image, and sexualization of women. However, when I went… Continue reading

BCA: Till Earth and Heaven Ring

By: Faith Griggs On Friday the 6th, the Black Cultural Awareness club (BCA) held the annual Black History month assembly. For those who missed it, the assembly was a mix of different forms… Continue reading

The Importance and the Best Ways to Stay on Top of Current Events

By: Kat Holleran and Maaryah Malik In the midst of many current events, it seems that many get lost, buried, or ignored. Often times, we brush off current events and turn our heads… Continue reading

Real Conversations with Real People: The Real Lack of Attendance

By: Alley Keresztesy Since its debut last spring in the Writing Center, the ‘Real Conversations with Real People’ lunch talk series had been a hit. Every Thursday at 12:30, students would start streaming… Continue reading