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New Shows in 2019 on Netflix

By Magda Ellis and Nadia Malik Just in case you’re looking for a way to procrastinate… Carmen Sandiego Carmen Sandiego aired on Netflix in January as a reboot to the 1980’s show  “… Continue reading

The Signs as 2020 Presidential Candidates

By Anna Keresztesy A note to readers- While trying to put this article together, it came to my attention that the number of nominees has no limits. I would come close to finishing,… Continue reading

Why Apple Sucks and Why I Still Buy It

By Aileen Lentz Apple dominates the electronics market.  Almost everyone has Apple phones, computers, watches, etc.  When I shadowed HB in 8th grade, I was shocked at how many people had Macs.  I… Continue reading

The Politics of Penzey’s Spices

By: Ryan Brady My mom signed me up for the Penzey’s Spices email list in July of last year so that I would also be offered their good deals (like free Cinnamon sugar).… Continue reading

Starbucks – More like Subparbucks

by Kate Hickey Since my last published article regarding the overating of Panera, I have received lots of positive feedback (although some select few were upset with my honest opinion). I thought I… Continue reading

Apps for your Apple Watch

By Charlotte Wasserman Over my spring break, I invested myself in exploring my Apple Watch that has been tracking my sleep, heart rate, steps, workouts, and mindful minutes. All things that have been… Continue reading

The Interconnectedness of Fashion and Sexism

By Nola Killpack As we reflect on Women’s History Month, I’m sure many of us are thinking about how far we’ve come and also how much farther we have to go when it… Continue reading

The Most Disliked Foods

By Izzy Sutton I was babysitting my neighbor’s kid a couple weeks ago and the most interesting thing happened. Her mom came home and made the announcement they would be eating chicken, rice,… Continue reading

Living Out My Childhood Dreams: Neuschwanstein Castle

By Tess Hays So I don’t know about you, but when I was little my biggest aspiration was to grow up and be a princess so in preparation, I watched literally every Disney… Continue reading

It’s George’s Birthday!

By Cynthia Okoben On February 25, 2019, George Harrison will (or will have, depending on when you’re reading this) turn 76. Most of you will not know this person. This person who was… Continue reading