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The Jazz Age Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art

by Matilda Madfis Over the weekend whilst on an unassuming trip to the art museum, I stumbled upon something far more captivating. Iridescent dresses adorned in sumptuous jewelry spilled out of the doors… Continue reading

Everything Wrong with your Favorite Movies

by Chandini Antal and Divya Bhardwaj There is no better way to relax on a weekend than curling up on a bed or couch with a cup of a piping hot beverage, watching… Continue reading

Body-Shaming at Hathaway Brown

By Leonela Serrano In my four years at HB, I have been privileged to find myself in a space where girls offer support to other girls in all aspects of life but, I… Continue reading

My Experience as an ABC

By: Linda Yu No, ABC does not stand for “already been chewed.” It stands for “American-born Chinese.” Growing up in America with a Chinese background means growing up in two different, clashing cultures,… Continue reading

Stranger Things 2 Review- Warning: Contains Spoilers!

By Amy Howarth (Warning: If you have not watched the show do not read!!!) Stranger Things 2 was in my opinion an amazing sequel to the first season.  There were new characters, different… Continue reading

Zodiac Signs

By Nadia Malik Sun signs are very important to the making of a chart. Your sun sign is the Zodiac sign associated with your day of birth, and probably the one that you… Continue reading

Taking a Knee: Is it Right?

By Bailey Sparacia Kneeling during the National Anthem started with Colin Kaepernick on the San Francisco 49ers. As of now, he no longer has a job. He started out protesting police brutality, but… Continue reading

Why You Should Listen to Classical Music

by Diana Malkin Have you ever seen a classical music concert start with an older lady, much like my own grandma, playing to an audience of 2,000 people while her fingers fight over… Continue reading

Beyond the Basics – Animal Rights

by Camryn Parsons Reading the article “animal cruelty could result in a five-year jail sentence under new law” in the guardian, I felt a mix of emotions. The majority of people would probably… Continue reading

On Trend for Fall 2017

by Jordan Stacy      Buckle-shoes Shoes with a metal buckle in any form are really in for this fall season. Whether it’s on a loafer, a slide, or a slip on, you can’t go… Continue reading