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Places to Visit in Cleveland Ohio Pt. 1

by Amanda Young After living in Cleveland for 18 years, I think I have obtained some credibility in guiding people to the hidden gems in my hometown. This list ranges from local cozy… Continue reading

Grammys Recap

by Angela Zhu The 60th annual Grammy awards have come and gone by again, filled with historic moments and amazing breakthroughs. Bruno Mars won album, record, and song of the year with “24K… Continue reading

Tag Yourself: Grocery Stores

by Farah Sayed Grocery stores are often a subject of controversy, as I often find myself arguing with friends over which grocery store is the “best.” Some value the quality of the products,… Continue reading

Knitting is Not Just for Grannies

     by Emma Esteves       Ever since I was little, I always fell into a deep trance whenever I entered the craft store. After coming through the double sliding doors, I… Continue reading

The Civil War Over Swensons

By: Eleanor Clements and Grace Beneke Perspective from the North: As a true Cleveland Northerner who lives in Shaker Heights, I was ecstatic about Swensons deciding to expand their franchise and open up… Continue reading

Movie Review: The Post

by Abby Poulos Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg. A recipe for an iconic and groundbreaking movie. Their performances have been recognized and praised at many awards shows, including being nominated for… Continue reading

THE Best Memes of 2017

By: Katie Doherty Happy 2018 everyone!! As the new year has begun, I’ve spent my time scrolling through twitter and looking through the memes of years past. I’ve compiled a list of my… Continue reading

Why More Than 1,500 People Are Pledging to Preserve HB’s Performing Arts

by Hannah Schmidt “I was really aware, even while it was happening, that the discovery of arts education in my life sort of saved my life.” – Daveed Diggs (Original cast of Hamilton… Continue reading

Trophy Hunting in Africa: The Real Impact

by Divya Bhardwaj Trophy hunting is defined as the selective hunting of wild game for human recreation. Supporters of trophy hunting argue that when conducted legally, it actually raises money to protect the… Continue reading

State of Surveillance

By Alison Xin Chances are, with the Hawaii missile panic, DACA, North Korea, and a plethora of other crises piling up recently, the passing of Section 702 has flown under your radar. I… Continue reading