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Questions with Featured Clubs: French Club Edition

By: Anna Lietman and Evie Schumann Early Tuesday morning, we were fortunate enough to speak with Lizzie Poulos, one of the two presidents of French Club. However, we did not have the opportunity… Continue reading

The Girl Who Needs A Strict Bedtime (Or a Candy Bar)

With winter rolling in and snow storms just around the corner, we have finally finished our first quarter of school! Congratulations to everyone who has made it this far without procrastinating on their… Continue reading

The Girl Who Wants to Get Into College (But Won’t Stress About It)

By The Girl Who College applications are just around the corner, and for those seniors out there, nothing is more scary than knowing that in less than one month your future could be… Continue reading

HB Girl’s Guide: Five Day Weeks

By: Regan Brady and Lina Ghosh Its been two whole days of school…I think we need a break. Come on, does September actually have no religious holidays? No national holidays? NO THANKSGIVING BREAK?!?!?!?… Continue reading

The Girl Who…Remembers Being the New Kid

By: The Girl Who Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, a new school year is just that: new. Everything from the drink options to the new teachers between the time you bid… Continue reading

Pop Culture Chats with the College Office

By Lexi Anderson Although Mrs. Visioni was not present for this interview, Dr. McCue and Mrs. Tramer speak on her behalf.   The stellar College Office has just finished sending this year’s seniors… Continue reading

Are We Suffering From A Generational Lack of Awareness?

By Kat Holleran 78% of teenagers in the US have a smart phone, according to this article ( posted on Techno Buffalo. Of this 78%, 47% have smart phones. Many of us at… Continue reading

Pop Culture Chats: Joe Vogel

By Lexi Anderson Mr. Joe Vogel is the head of Hathaway Brown’s Center for Global Citizenship. From the elections in India to International Relations thesis topics, Mr. Vogel knows it all. But what… Continue reading

Chastising the Ohm

By Sarah Adler It was oh-so-easy to boycott the Moose. Abercrombie won’t make women’s clothing above a size ten? It’s okay, I prefer my sweatpants without your name down the side. CEO Mike… Continue reading