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Circuses and Cruelty (And Beyond)

By: Camryn Parsons Definition of a circus: A traveling company of acrobats, trained animals, and clowns that give performances, typically in a large tent, in a series of different places. Definition of a… Continue reading

Sally Senior Vol. 6

by Sally Senior Dear Sally Senior, What exactly is a microaggression and how can I avoid saying them? Sincerely, Sue Sophomore Dear Sue Sophomore, defines a microaggression as “a subtle but offensive… Continue reading

Sally Senior Vol. 5

Hi Sally, I was wondering what you missed from your underclassman days? Signed, Justine Junior   Hi Justine, I would say I miss having an older mentor—a class to learn from and to… Continue reading

Ask Sally Senior Vol. 4

Dear Sally Senior, Is it true that seniors will rip your head off if you ask them anything about the college process? Sincerely, Jessie Junior   Dear Jessie Junior, The short answer is… Continue reading

Ask Sally Senior Vol. 3

Dear Sally Senior, Do colleges only look at GPA or do they look at each and every grade in your high school? Sincerely, Fannie Freshman   Dear Fannie Freshman, Colleges are always watching.… Continue reading

Ask Sally Senior

Dear Sally Senior, I have two questions for you. Who are you, (will you reveal yourself at the end of the year at least?!), and what is the biggest fear you have? Sincerely… Continue reading

Ask Sally Senior: Friend Advice

by Sally Senior Dear Sally Senior, What’s your advice on friends that can be caring when they want to, but most of the time are sort of rude and make you feel like… Continue reading

Parks and RECommended TV Shows

By Angela Zhu *Title creds to Stephanie Kaiser   1.The 100 Guess which TV show has a hundred delinquent teenagers being exiled off a huge space ship that they call their home down… Continue reading


By: Brady Furlich and Sam Keum Featuring a special guest appearance from the cardboard cutout of Mr. Ron Burgundy!


By Brady Furlich and Sam Keum TWO PARTS= DOUBLE the FUN, ENTERTAINMENT, SASS, and HUMOR! Part 1: Part 2: