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Weird and Mysterious Animals: the Adler Edition

By Jessica Chang and Shruthi Ravichandran Hello Upper School! It’s us, back again this year to continue our column on weird and mysterious creatures. This time, we’re back with a feature on an… Continue reading

Pink Fairy Armadillo

By: Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Welcome Back! We’re so happy to see you back here!   In this cold winter season, we can only wish for warmer temperatures, right? Well we have solved… Continue reading

The Superb Bird of Paradise

By: Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Hi! We’re so glad you’re here again! We know Thanksgiving was a couple weeks ago, but this week we’re doing a lesser known show-off, the SUPERB BIRD… Continue reading

Weird and Mysterious Animals: Axolotls

by Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Hi! It’s us again–Shruthi and Jessica, back again for a second edition!! This week, we have a special double edition!! (Check out the awesome article about the Immortal… Continue reading

Weird and Mysterious Animals: Immortal Jellyfish

by Shruthi Ravichandran Hey again! This is Shruthi with a special extra edition this week! (Don’t forget to check out our awesome article on the insanely cute Axolotls!) Meet the Immortal Jellyfish! Turritopsis… Continue reading


By Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Imagine you are in a post-apocalyptic world, the only survivor in this barren wasteland. But wait – you’re not. Millions of microscopic organisms called tardigrades have also survived.… Continue reading