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When Do HB Girls Begin Stressing About Colleges?

By Reilly Doak (Yes, we realize athletes are a different story) As those of you who answered the survey know, I took a poll of when HB students began researching colleges, specific to… Continue reading

The Ivy Effect: Freshman (Part II)

By Lane Chesler With snow in the air and applications sent out, seniors are frazzled and distracted by the mere thought of college.  Some have committed to the college of their dreams while… Continue reading

The Ivy Effect (Part I)

By Sue Roy Shortly after entering high school, you can be sure that you will be asked the following question: “So what college are you planning on going to”? A half-response is typically… Continue reading

The College Process: Not Expecting Much

By Emma Bryan Now that the second semester of my junior year is underway, it’s time for me to begin making decisions that will undoubtedly decide the trajectory of my entire life.  By… Continue reading