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A Short Letter to Myself (and All Other Seniors) in April

By: Ying Ying Yang Hi April me! It is late September and I am writing this letter. Of course, I am still working on and worrying about the college process……But when you are… Continue reading

Greek Life

by Maggie Amjad I have always been incredibly interested by the idea of Greek life. The big sorority houses, smiling sisters and rewarding charity work created a dream collegiate world for me that… Continue reading

Dear Diary: Dec 1, 2015

by Kat Holleran 7:03 PM Applying to college has gotten easier the more I’ve done it. I just submitted application number 6 of 13. But time feels like it’s slipping right from under… Continue reading

Dear Seniors

by Kavya Menon Dear Class of 2016, Let me start this off by saying: WE MADE IT PAST NOVEMBER FIRST AND FIFTEENTH OMG OMG ARE YOU ALL NOT AS EXCITED AS I AM… Continue reading

Last Class of Senior Forum: The Mythical End to the College Process—A Senior’s Perspective

By: Jordan Doak Last week, in my second official wellness class, we were presented a statistic: the typical college counselor is faced with a 1 to 900 ratio. That means 900 students to… Continue reading

First Class of Junior Forum: Starting the College Process—A Junior’s Perspective

By: Isabella Nilsson Like a ghost story passed around a children’s campfire, ominous whispers about the experience passed from ear to ear in the hall, and I heard echoes of junior forum long before… Continue reading

Comic: College Process

By: Gracie Mowery

College Interviews 101: Do’s and Don’ts

By: Emma Bryan It’s fall, and that means that the college process is in full swing for many seniors.  Along with this comes numerous interviews with college representatives, college sport coaches, and alumni. … Continue reading

Freshman Questions: ANSWERED

By: Hannah Yahraus When do we start talking about college? Want to be besties with a senior? Here are five steps to wiggling your way into their heart Don’t ask them about college… Continue reading

Severe Alterations? Totally.

By Caroline Jobson Severe Alterations? Totally. As teeth gnaw their way through the lacquer of stubbed number two pencils, the palms become slick with sweat. Heartbeats quicken as minds fixate on a single… Continue reading