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Brits Go To College Too!

By: Lindy Connors As the college process comes to an end, I look across the pond to two of my British friends who are just starting theirs. One essay and five schools, it… Continue reading

Weird and Mysterious Animals: Axolotls

by Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Hi! It’s us again–Shruthi and Jessica, back again for a second edition!! This week, we have a special double edition!! (Check out the awesome article about the Immortal… Continue reading

Weird and Mysterious Animals: Immortal Jellyfish

by Shruthi Ravichandran Hey again! This is Shruthi with a special extra edition this week! (Don’t forget to check out our awesome article on the insanely cute Axolotls!) Meet the Immortal Jellyfish! Turritopsis… Continue reading

Where Am I From?

By: Lindy Connors “57th and 1st.” Until second grade I had a definite answer; my home was Upper Midtown of Manhattan. I identified as a New Yorker with all the sass and strong… Continue reading


By Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Imagine you are in a post-apocalyptic world, the only survivor in this barren wasteland. But wait – you’re not. Millions of microscopic organisms called tardigrades have also survived.… Continue reading

A Short Letter to Myself (and All Other Seniors) in April

By: Ying Ying Yang Hi April me! It is late September and I am writing this letter. Of course, I am still working on and worrying about the college process……But when you are… Continue reading

Greek Life

by Maggie Amjad I have always been incredibly interested by the idea of Greek life. The big sorority houses, smiling sisters and rewarding charity work created a dream collegiate world for me that… Continue reading

Dear Diary: Dec 1, 2015

by Kat Holleran 7:03 PM Applying to college has gotten easier the more I’ve done it. I just submitted application number 6 of 13. But time feels like it’s slipping right from under… Continue reading

Dear Seniors

by Kavya Menon Dear Class of 2016, Let me start this off by saying: WE MADE IT PAST NOVEMBER FIRST AND FIFTEENTH OMG OMG ARE YOU ALL NOT AS EXCITED AS I AM… Continue reading

Last Class of Senior Forum: The Mythical End to the College Process—A Senior’s Perspective

By: Jordan Doak Last week, in my second official wellness class, we were presented a statistic: the typical college counselor is faced with a 1 to 900 ratio. That means 900 students to… Continue reading