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Veganism for Fake Vegans

By Izzy Sutton Once upon a time (three months ago, to be exact), I ended my short-lived experience of veganism. I became a vegan in June after coming back from my year abroad… Continue reading

Places to Go in Cleveland

By Jane O’Donnell and Sydney Deegan Breakfast at Eat at Joe’s Eat at Joe’s is a small breakfast place located in Mayfield Heights. It is family owned and a very comfortable place to… Continue reading

Warner and Swasey Observatory: The End of an Era

Andrew Liu As of July 22, 2018, CWRU’s infamous abandoned observatory is switching hands. That Sunday was the last time I would be able to visit its graffiti-filled walls before its ownership shifted… Continue reading

West Side Market

By Emma Esteves This summer, I had the opportunity to explore the West Side Market for the first time. Being one of the most popular places to visit in Cleveland, I heard many… Continue reading

Rainy Days

By Allison Fritz Rainy days tend to be boring.. Rainy days made me think of wet, dark, stormy, dreary, blue, pouring, unexciting. On the weekends, I always wanted to go outside and do… Continue reading