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Vinyl Records: A Retro Return to the Music Industry

by Audra Keresztesy In an age of YouTube and iTunes, it’s rare to purchase a physical copy of the newest music by your favorite artists. Before music was online, there were CDs. People bought… Continue reading

Political Cartoon

by Haley Yahraus

if we were honest about conversations with crushes

A Comic by Haley Yahraus

Winter Photo Contest

To wind down from this very long, chilly, and wintery day, Retrospect is pleased to announce the Winter Photo Contest Winners! Everyone who submitted, THANK you so much for submitting. It is truly… Continue reading

The Female Body

By: McKenna Ritter I set out to write an article discussing reactions to this painting by Gracie Mowery: context, emotions, appropriateness at HB, body image, and sexualization of women. However, when I went… Continue reading

What Went Down at the 2015 Grammys: A Brief Summary

By: Carly Wellener Taylor Swift wasn’t having none of this interview in which she was asked if she’d be taking home more than a Grammy tonight, probably “Many men.” Kanye almost pulled another… Continue reading

Color Blocking

By: Gracie Mowery I’m far from professional- but after a prompt for the notorious Jmo, I can confidently say I learned something when it comes to art. I don’t know the technical name… Continue reading

The Truth About Performing at HB Cabaret

By: Amanda Merritt Forget about the countless number of plays, concerts, and recitals Hathaway Brown puts on every year. Forget about WOOZ, forget about the Dance Concert, forget about the Playwriting Festival, and… Continue reading

Doodles: Sharing the Creativity

By: Gracie Mowery Have you ever been yelled at for doodling in class instead of taking notes? I have… but the bigger issue has always actually been post-doodle, when you’re casually studying and… Continue reading

To Those of Us Who Like “Hipster Things”:

By: Madeline Shade When I was really young, probably around age four or five, I had a Polaroid camera. I used to love taking pictures with the thing until, eventually, one day I… Continue reading