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Doodling 4 Enjoyment: Narwhal Edition

By Megan Qiang

Urban Architecture Series: Ancient Southeast Asian Architecture

By Jennifer Wang  

Spring Playlist

By: Sophia Hanna A motivational songs to get you through finals week and whatever else might come in your way!! includes many motivational songs, some are pop and some are more mellow so… Continue reading

Elliot, Poem by Vala Schriefer

by Vala Schriefer   Elliott I traced your eyes on paper today I don’t think I captured the light Since I’ve never seen a blindingly white mountain Or the confetti of berries in… Continue reading

Ode to Spring

By Megan Qiang

Early Modern Japan: A Queer Haven?

By: Crystal Zhao In modern Western politics, gender identity and sexual orientation are consistently hot-button issues. From the highest court in the land, to the humble Thanksgiving dining table, fierce debates occur at… Continue reading

The Man Behind China’s Most Iconic Work of Art

By: Crystal Zhao If you travel to Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing, you’ll immediately encounter one of the most recognizable pieces of Chinese art in modern history: the massive 6 by… Continue reading

How to Make a Fortune Teller

by Ainsley Bradbury and Stephanie Kaiser Ah, fortune tellers. The pinnacle of our childhood origami careers, and coincidentally the center of many arguments between friends – after all, if this magical paper could… Continue reading

Handlettering: Part 3

by Brice Bai

How to Handletter: Part 2

by Brice Bai