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Most Aesthetic Notes Contest

by Yardena Carmi Depending on who you are, your backpack might contain anything from a single pencil to twenty pens and a full set of highlighters. And all for one reason: notes. Can’t… Continue reading

The Jazz Age Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art

by Matilda Madfis Over the weekend whilst on an unassuming trip to the art museum, I stumbled upon something far more captivating. Iridescent dresses adorned in sumptuous jewelry spilled out of the doors… Continue reading

Why You Should Listen to Classical Music

by Diana Malkin Have you ever seen a classical music concert start with an older lady, much like my own grandma, playing to an audience of 2,000 people while her fingers fight over… Continue reading

Cute Stationery Finds on Amazon

By. Leonela Serrano Muji Muji Clear Ballpoint Pen I bought these pens the start of junior year and haven’t had to buy any new pens since because they’re still working. The colors are… Continue reading

Melodrama Review Pt. 2

By. Hannah Saltz SOBER II (MELODRAMA): Lorde discusses how exciting her past relationship was and how amazing it made her feel, but how quickly it ended. She delves further into the beautiful uplifting… Continue reading

What Doodling Really does for the Brain

By Sophie Carey   Some of us just can’t sit still while we take our notes in class. For example, some fidget with their pens or pencils. There are, however, pros to some of… Continue reading

African Safari: Photos

By Lila Williams Please enjoy these photos from my trip to Africa over the summer! Zebras are very nervous animals; they run from any source of movement that could pose a threat to… Continue reading


By: Sinead Li 4.6/10 Over a decade in the making, Fergie’s follow-up album to her incredibly successful solo just doesn’t hit the mark. HUNGRY (feat. Rick Ross): One of the better produced songs… Continue reading

Doodling 4 Enjoyment: Narwhal Edition

By Megan Qiang

Urban Architecture Series: Ancient Southeast Asian Architecture

By Jennifer Wang