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Caroline’s Snapshots

By: Caroline Cannon A quick peek into the current photography world with Caroline Cannon Welcome to the first ever edition of Caroline’s Snapshots! In this series I will shine a spotlight on a… Continue reading

The Joy of Painting

By Daria Gitiforooz As HB students, we all know how busy our schedules can get. So, it is pretty understandable that between all of that, many of us don’t have time for hobbies… Continue reading

2018 in Retrospect: Concerts Edition

by Sejal Sangani There were a lot of concerts in 2018. I was constantly hearing about someone going to a concert or seeing videos on their Snapchat story. I asked the Upper School… Continue reading


By Daria Gitiforooz Ever since I heard “Impossible” by Travis Scott playing at a thrift store four years ago, I have been a huge fan, following his music very closely. Although he does… Continue reading

Music Coming in 2019

By Ava Alaeddini 5. Madonna — Untitled album Madonna is one of the biggest names in music and is often referred to as the “Queen of Pop”. She has confirmed that her 14th… Continue reading

Egypt Station Review

By Cynthia Okoben Pictures (clockwise, starting at top left): Egypt Station (2018), Paul McCartney (1968), Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr (left to right) holding their MBEs (1965), Paul McCartney… Continue reading

Spooky Playlist

By: Bailey Sparacia Hi Everyone! Here are some spooky songs to get into the Halloween mood! I hope you enjoy them!  

With Love From Him to Us

By Cynthia Okoben Peter Asher CBE is perhaps known mostly, if at all, for being the person who managed James Taylor (“Who’s James Taylor?” some of you may ask as you turn on… Continue reading

Cleveland Institute of Art Pre-College Program

By: Sophie Carey Over this past summer, I took a course at the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Pre- College Program. The lifestyle was like that of a real college student. We got to… Continue reading

The Appeal of All Things Miniature