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Where Am I From?

By: Lindy Connors “57th and 1st.” Until second grade I had a definite answer; my home was Upper Midtown of Manhattan. I identified as a New Yorker with all the sass and strong… Continue reading


by Ela Passarelli It’s finally spring here in Ohio, and around the halls of the Hath we can see a noticeable difference in spirit. But why does spring make us so happy? Are… Continue reading

Nepal’s Earthquake: A Country Struggling to Rise from the Debris

by Sukhmani Kaur On April 25th, 2015 at 11:56 Nepalese Standard Time, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal. Its epicenter was the remote village of Barpak in Nepal’s Gorkha district, west of the… Continue reading

Senate President Interview with Morgan Whaley

by Katrina Frei-Herrmann and Brett Parsons   What is one thing about yourself you want the upper school to know? There are many things that I love but I especially love English soccer.… Continue reading

The Greatest Gift

by Lizzie Crotty the greatest gift in life would be to go before the others to never have to place a bouquet on a stone carved with too few words or cry amongst… Continue reading

Graduation: A Senior’s Perspective

by Catherine Mullen June 5—the last time the whole senior class will walk down the halls of HB is a day much anticipated by the class of 2015. Yet, what I find to… Continue reading

15 Thoughts While Running the Carnival 2015 5K

by Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick 1. Am I going to get trampled if I stand at the front? 2. Why is there an unidentified boy stretching out behind that tree over there? 3.… Continue reading

Two Essays on Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” Law

by McKenna Ritter and Cartier Pitts Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” Law by McKenna Ritter Indiana’s Governor, Republican Mike Pence, was working to “clarify” the religious freedom law passed in the state. Many assumed that… Continue reading

Which Brown Bag Snack Are You?

by Kelsey Rich and Lizzie Crotty


by Crystal Zhao Recently, Cleveland has been gracing the pages of news media outlets. We often receive no recognition on a national level, but lately we’ve been in the spotlight. From stories that range… Continue reading