By: Vivian Qi

I am from huge, sprawling roads,

from clear blue skies and the hot air.

I am from the pine trees whose branches let me climb high

and made me feel like I was soaring as the wind blew in my face

I am from dandelions flying in the air

and two birds singing and soaking their feathers in the sun

I am from cloudy days, snowy days, and rainy days

that could still do nothing to the merry mood below,

could do nothing except disappear back into the sky

with a frown, but maybe a smile

I am from beaten up animal toys and lots of broken cars,

From the land of bruised knees, from either running too fast

or falling too hard

I am from the creeks and forest,

splashing the water into the sky, catching the glowing diamonds

in our cupped hands and acting like it was treasure that was all ours

I am from the bike rides down the bumpy roads,

which tossed my hair in the wind and lived on laughter like air

I am from the rides in the sky, staring wondrously out the window

searching for rainbows, but instead finding cotton-candy shaped as animals,

and thinking what it would be like to sleep on one

I am from the tight, warm hugs of being reunited with family across the sea,

the difficult-to-breathe, smoky air of the crowded parking lot

I am from the beautiful car rides that bring us back to everything we’ve missed

to the towering buildings and red palaces

I am from the candied-fruit and sledding across the ice,

to driving boats on the rippling lake, staring at the majestic herons

I from the moments-

allowed to bloom into a flower-

breathing the wind and drinking the sun

on the family tree.