By: Abby Muresan

HB does spring break unlike many other schools. We have two weeks off! On top of this, the timing of our spring break is odd compared to other schools. Many schools’ breaks revolve around Passover or Easter, but ours is before that. However, there are still some other schools’ breaks that are way before ours at the beginning of March. We have a really awkward break where not many colleges or high schools share the same time off. But, is this a good or bad thing? I think that it depends on who you ask. Many beaches clog up with party-loving college students, and many parents despise this. But, some parents love the environment. I wonder if HB does this strategically. Does HB want us to have a different break than everyone else? I’m not entirely sure. However, I do know that our two weeks allow many people to go out of the country or travel far. I personally love traveling and think our break is perfect for it. But, I wonder if it would be nicer to only have one week off, and then have summer begin one week earlier in May. I’m not sure, but I do enjoy the system we have. I think it would be very interesting to have a week off in the middle of March, then another week off revolving around Easter and Passover. We would have a week off, a week on, then a week off again. I think this would be very fascinating yet perhaps not ideal. Many students travel far during our break, and I don’t think this would work out well for them. But, this would mirror some colleges that have a week of spring break, then a week of Easter break. Our global scholars surely wouldn’t lean toward this system though. I think Spring Break overall is very nice and long, but I think that it’s very difficult to come back and realize that if it was only one week, we would be a week closer to summer. The whole idea of having to come back after a long break reminds me of the Lumineers song, Stubborn Love. There’s a lyric that says, “It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all.” Supposedly, the band wrote this song about coming home from vacation. They feel like it’s better to go and enjoy yourself and deal with the sadness later. I wonder if this is true? Personally, I feel like it is, but I also know how sad it feels to come home to an Ohio snowstorm after a nice tropical vacation. But, there’s also good sides to coming home, for example, I love seeing my dogs and sleeping in my bed. Personally, I feel like the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of a nice vacation. Overall, I enjoy our Spring Break being two weeks long and don’t know if it will change any time soon.