General Tips

  1. Wear comfortable shoes

Make sure you choose comfortable footwear, because chances are you will be standing for the entire show which will be around 4 hours long. 

  1. Make sure you eat beforehand 

The food options are limited and the lines are long. From the time the gates open until the end of the concert, there are around 7 hours in between.  

  1. Go to the bathroom before it starts 

Lines for the bathroom are also really long and you don’t want to have to leave your seat while Taylor is performing. You might want to go during one of the openers. 

  1. Expect to stand the whole time 

At the Glendale concert, most people stood for the entire time and Taylor didn’t take any intermissions or breaks that would be a good time to sit. 

  1. When you walk in, don’t go to the first merch site you first see

Walk around the stadium to find a different merch stand, because the others might not be as busy that are farther away. Some stands have different merchandise, so you want to make sure whatever shirt, sweatshirt, or gear you want is at that particular stand before you wait in a long line.

  1. Make sure you leave extra time for parking and getting into the gates

The stadium traffic can cause delays and it might take you longer than you anticipate to park, so make sure you keep that in mind. 

  1. Choose the merch you want to get before the concert 

It is challenging to see all of the merchandise when the lines are long and there are so many people around. Try to choose what you want to buy, before you get to the concert! 

  1. Don’t bring too much stuff

The stadiums have strict rules about what kind of bags and items you are allowed to bring into the stadium, so try to bring as few things as you can. 

Camera and Phone Tips

  1. Bring a fully charged phone 

Make sure your phone is fully charged when you arrive at the concert! Your battery will drain quickly. If you have a portable charger, that would be a great thing to bring with you. 

  1. Adjust the exposure of your camera 

Follow this link for tips about how to make sure you get good photos for concerts.

  1. Don’t videotape the whole concert

I know it’s tempting to try and videotape as much as possible of the concert, but try to avoid taking too many videos because you will be distracted and your storage will fill up very quickly. 

Last notes…

  • Taylor comes onto the stage at 8:00 and performs for around 3 hours and 15 minutes with no breaks/intermissions 
  • Bring friendship bracelets to exchange with people before the concert starts!