By Nina Hudson

Over spring break, I went to Nashville, Tennessee. Here is a little photo “travel diary” of the things I did!

March 18

On Saturday, March 18th, my family and I departed to Lexington, Kentucky with the plan of staying overnight. We had a pleasant car ride, and eventually arrived in the evening. After settling into our hotel, we got ready for dinner, and drove over to Archa Nine, a Thai food restaurant. The food was quite good but I unfortunately have no photos.

March 19

On Sunday we woke up and got ready to go horseback riding! I rode a horse named Bandit; he was so cute and gentle. We went on a trail around the woods. It was cold but totally worth it! After that we purchased some lunch and started our three hour drive to our destination; Nashville! I mostly slept and listened to music, eager to arrive. Eventually we arrived, right around sunset (pictured below). We checked into our AirBNB, famished and ready to get some dinner! We ended up going to a place called Boqueria, a Spanish restaurant. So delicious!

After that we walked around Broadway Street then sleepily headed back to the AirBNB.

March 20

On Monday we woke up and got ready for a touristy day. We headed out to the Country Music Hall of Fame, despite the fact that I’m not much of a country fan. We walked around, looking at all the exhibits . My favorite exhibit was the Taylor Swift one! After that we headed over to lunch at Assembly Food Hall. We satisfied our hunger and went out to do some shopping at 12 South, a cute neighborhood. With little plans left for the day, we went to a charity concert that a local told us about. I got to see one of my favorite artists, Hozier,  and the concert was a lot of fun!

March 21

On our final day, we went to Vanderbilt University, touring the campus since we were already in Nashville. The campus was so pretty! After that we got some lunch at Whole Foods then went to the Gracie Abrams concert, the main thing we were there for. She is so talented and it was a wonderful experience! 

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable trip, if you ever have the chance to visit Nashville you definitely should! I went during the spring (so the weather was not optimal) but if you went during the summer it would be so amazing!