By Sidney Gillmore

The Cleveland  Browns have 1.26 million fans. The majority of those fans are people in Cleveland. Though they might think the team is great,  you never know what you’re gonna get from them.  Last year some drama ensued, Odell Beckham Junior’s dad tweeted about how Baker Mayfield wasn’t throwing the ball to him even when he was wide open. This led to Baker joining the Carolina Panthers and Odell joining the LA Rams, getting rid of 2 of their best players. 

 So far this season the Browns have been doing pretty well. Sadly, on September 27th, Myles Garret got into a serious car crash. Though not life threatening, it is career changing. We don’t know how long he will be out, but this will be a big devastation to the Browns.

Recently, the Browns won against their rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was a great moment for the Browns. On October 9th the Browns had a great opportunity to win against the Los Angeles Chargers. With their recent draft of kicker Cade York’s two missed field goals, they were unable to win, losing 28-30. Players on the team say that they still have trust in him for future games. Coach Kevin Stefanski says, “Not losing confidence in him. He is not losing confidence in himself. Not an easy place to kick in. We will be counting on him next week and the week after that type thing.” York will have to realize what he did wrong and make changes for the next games. These mistakes did not set York back in his career; he is open and ready to improve his skills. 

As the Browns season continues, players will become better and gain more skills.  Fans look forward to watching and cheering on the team. Hopefully the Browns will make big improvements, setting them up to be the best they possibly can, and making big steps for the NFL.