By: Paige Fluent

With the weather getting warming, everyone is looking to get out and enjoy the world around them. Here are some things that you can do as we approach summer to make the best of it:

  1. Read/study/journal outside
  • One of the little things that you can do to enjoy nature is just move your studies outside. As we go into final and AP season this is a really nice way to make the study environment a little nicer.
  • If you looking for a break from school you can also read or journal for enjoyment.
  • Here are some journal prompts →→→

2. Outdoor picnic

  • This is a fun and easy thing to do with friends or family
  • There are many parks and spots in the Cleveland area that are perfect for this, or you can even do it in your back yard

3. Concerts/ sports games

  • As summer is on the way there are tons of outdoor concerts and events to go to with either family or friends
  • Wonderstruck is a music event held in Cleveland in early July that is super fun and has a ton of great artists
  • Guardians Game 

4. Cedar Point

  • If you like roller coasters, Cedar Point is tons of fun!
  • Even if you don’t, there is tons of other attractions and things to do!

5. Nature Walks

  • Just taking a quick 15-20 minute walk outside can help you blow of some steam and give you a break from work or just the overall busyness of life!
  • You could also do this with friends or family, or your dog
  • Making this a daily habit is also a great thing
  • You can listen to music or podcasts while you do this

6. Watch the sunrise/sunset 

  • This is really relaxing and something that you can do with friends or family, or by yourself for some time of peace!