By: Claire Hudson

In Michigan, you can visit Anna Arbor or go camping. In Ann Arbor, you can shop, eat delectable food, and visit museums. The University of Michigan is a college you can visit while you are in Ann Arbor as well as the sports stadium. Michigan is a great place to camp in the woods or in the lake. Places like Ludington State Park and Campground, Lake Michigan Recreation Area Group Camping, and Taylor’s Beach Campground are all places you can camp at with friends or family.



In Pittsburgh you can go to a science museum, eat good food, and see the city. The Carnegie Science center is a really nice place to visit. Similarly, there is a Carnegie Museum of Art to check out with wonderful art pieces. Lastly, there is a bunch of food to try like Asian food and classic American food.



In Columbus you can thrift, eat good food, and visit Ohio State. Ohio State University is a college in Columbus that provides a very good education. Thrifting in Columbus is popular at the stores Out of the Closet, Flower child, and Village discount outlet. There’s a wide variety of food and drinks in Columbus to try like, boba tea, vegan food, and more!

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